Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chicago, Halloween and Salt lake City

ok so sorry for the delay in posting. SO much is going on and so much has gone on - that I will attempt at filling you in as I get a chance to....

First off - We went to Chicago. Max got to meet his Great grandmother Evelyn and the rest of his extended family from my father's side. We flew out to celebrate my Grandma's 90th birthday. It was amazing to see everyone again - and to introduce them to Max. There was a hired photographer at the event - and I was going to wait for those photos - but instead I will post this Video I made for the party. It's a video of my grandma's life and all the family in it. It's amazing to see those photos from her early days. And to see all of our hairstyles change through the ages!

Evelyn's 90th Birthday - Take 2 from Catherine Just on Vimeo.

It was incredible to connect again with family I hadn't seen in years. But even more incredible was the interactions with Max and his cousins. I am so happy that they got to meet. Seeing how excited they were to be with Max just made my heart sing! Bret and Marcy have the sweetest kids. Just Darling. They were all over Max - in a good way !

And that Ben is so dang cute I cannot stand it!! I'll post more photos of them as they come in.

The next day was a Hebrew Baby Naming ceremony for Max and his cousin Stella. Oh goodness is she adorable. It was a touching event. I think hearing a Rabbi read Hebrew and all of us saying Hebrew prayers we've said through our childhood makes me feel so nostalgic. Having a shared baby naming with Sloan and Robert's baby just felt so meaningful for me. And having the entire family there with us meant so much it brings tears to my eyes remembering the day. Thank you to my Aunt Lois who put the event together - made personalized napkins, lollipops, had an amazing spread of food, huge balloons everywhere, and that cupcake tower. Her home was filled with warmth and love from all the guests and Max got to spend time with his extended family. THANK YOU AUNT LOIS! and of course to Uncle Mark too!! And SLOAN!!!

After the Baby naming we went to Aunt Kitty's house to visit a little more with some of our cousins and to give Max a moment with his cousin Ben. Look how cute they are! Wish I had taken more photos!!

This year Max was a Cheeseburger for Halloween. Unfortunately he wasn't feeling so great so we didn't get to go meet up with his friends this year for trick or treating. I was so bummed. But we put him in the outfit and took this photo. We ran a few errands and let him walk down the aisles at Target for a moment or two. Not much of a memory making event - but at least we took this photo!

and in case you have forgotten what Max looked like last year for Halloween - I thought I'd share some photos! yep - we are representing all major foods that Jerry eats. And at the same time showing you the foods that I never eat. All in Max's costumes. Next year?? Pizza!

There is much more to tell you - shall I post it here??
ok then
when we got back from Chicago Jerry flew out the very next morning to Salt Lake City.
The company he has worked for - for the last 10 years - closed at the beginning of October and he was looking for a new job....One potentially has become available for him but it means MOVING to SALT LAKE CITY!
He is still in talks with them so I won't go into details yet - until it's a sure thing. But we both feel relieved that something has shown up so quickly, and that it interests Jerry enough for us to seriously consider leaving Southern California.

I've been busy looking up all things for Max, early intervention, pediatricians, Down syndrome community, playgroups, music classes, etc. And re-connecting with old friends how have relocated to Salt Lake City.

Jerry comes home today from another trip out there and we plan to go out there together soon so I can check it out in person.

I've been there several times during the holidays because Jerry's family is there.
Having his family there - right down the street - is something that will be so great for us and especially for Max. But I will miss my parents terribly,,,,although we've already discussed the possibility of having them visit every month - so if that's the case - it does feel much better.

And I will miss all of my friends here and the Down syndrome community etc etc....
Can't even really talk about that! Makes me sad. But we are both feeling very positive about the move and will keep you posted as we know more.....