Friday, January 30, 2009

the things I will miss about being pregnant

1. feeling him move around in my belly!
2. thinking about everything I eat as "eating for 2 "
3. watching my belly grow which is also watching our baby grow.
4. nesting
5. carrying around our little baby with out using my hands!
6. pregnancy massage from Jerry or anyone I can pay!
7. dreaming about what the little guy will be like and how our lives will change when he comes
8. taking the monthly photo of my belly
9. posting on the blog about all the changes going on during this time.
10. bonding with other pregnant friends
11. learning how to hear people's unsolicited advice and opinions and getting more vocal about the fact that - that isn't ok.
12. getting smiled at from strangers.
13. feeling special out in public - and getting treated that way. Who doesn't like being special!
14. eating everything I want to and not having any consequences for that behavior!
15. chocolate chip ice cream on a sugar cone from Buster's in South Pasadena.
16. wheat, dairy and sugar ( do you notice a theme here? )
17. bagels with cream cheese
18. eating anywhere I want to and being able to order from all parts of the menu.
19. Jerry playing the butler
20. Jerry taking out the trash every time.
21. Jerry making me dinner more often.
22. Jerry running to the store for me. ( yet another theme! )
23. Jerry and I sharing a cupcake.
24. Jerry cleaning the cat box and feeding the cat every day. ( yes he did this every day! )
25. Jerry rubbing pregnancy lotion on my belly.
26. Jerry talking to the baby through my belly.
27. Jerry and I singing to the baby through my belly.
28. wearing the same pants and having an excuse.
29. wearing tops that hug the belly and being proud to show off how big it's getting.
30. the end of the perky breasts......NO!!!!!!!!!!
31. having my cat lay on the belly and purr.....helping of course.
32. Having a reason to stay home on the couch and really do nothing.
33. The quiet of doing nothing, and not having to figure out what's next.
34. Not working. and having that be ok.
35. Not having a schedule.
36. No one waking me up to change a diaper.
37. No crying in the house unless it's me after a bad acid reflux/vomiting moment.
38. sleeping in until I feel like getting up.
39. time to write on this blog.
40. feeling rested and knowing that if I'm not I can take a nap any time of day.

I'm sure more will be revealed as I miss them.

Monday, January 26, 2009

momversation and finslippy and the c-word

This momversation and following post was from another blog I read today called Finslippy.

please read this and watch the video. It was so amazing to see how different everyone thinks on the subject of circumcision.

My personal take it - you can do what you want but don't place your opinions on us or on our choices or on our family.

just because it's right for you doesn't make our decisions wrong.


The best part of the blog post was what she says at the end - here:

....."Maggie made a great point in the original footage; basically she said, why do we feel that in order for our opinion to be right, we have to make sure that everyone who feels differently is wrong? And I think that pretty much sums up the fights about co-sleeping and breastfeeding and circumcision and crying it out and pretty much every single topic in these tiresome, endless mommy wars. In the end, we each do what we think is best for our families. What place does anyone else have to pass judgment?"
- Alice Bradley Finslippy

YAY ALICE!!! Thank you for saying exactly what I am thinking!

I haven't even had our baby yet and have been amazed at how other moms and people without kids - try to make me wrong for not having the same beliefs they do.

It's crazy making.


week #35!? how did I get here?

another 3D photo of our little dude. Isn't that crazy?! He is so darn CUTE! Look at those lips!
and an ultrasound photo of his penis. He is going to kill me when he sees this. How embarrassing! Already a mom who embarrasses her kid. Oy vey.

week 35 is here.
How did I ( we ) get here?
I look back and hardly remember the past 8 months.
I do remember the couch. I've had many days on it.
I remember being tired a lot.
he is about the size of a cantalope - and the weight of one - about 5.25 pounds. getting harder to walk. Lots of back pain.

thought for the day:
I hope our son knows he is valuable no matter what. No matter the circumstances in his life or the life of the people around him.

I think that I have to show him an example of that - by knowing that I am valuable not by anything external - but by how I treat myself and love myself and love others without expectation. and know that imperfection is perfection!


On another note - we have birthing class tonight and then just one more after that.

Then one breastfeeding class
I think we learn how to use that breast pump thing.

We are both packed for the hospital.
The car seat is in the car now. Installed.

And this week We are getting our home ready for our baby shower.
My friend Amy flys in from Minneapolis on Friday.
Jerrys mom comes in from utah on Saturday.
My mom takes the train up from San Diego on Sunday.

Lots of help from friends to pull off this shower!
Love my friends.

Thank you to Kirsten and Amy.
I would have fallen apart without your help.

I'm off to get ready for our friend to come by and give us a quote on some home repairs.
trying to get some things done before baby comes.

And I found out this week that another friend of ours is pregnant!
I'm so excited for them!!!!!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Doctor's appointment updates

Found this quote on Superherodesign blog

An adult is one who has lost the grace, the freshness, the innocence of the child,
who is no longer capable of feeling pure joy, who makes everything complicated,
who spreads suffering everywhere, who is afraid of being happy, and who,
because it is easier to bear, has gone back to sleep. The wise man is a happy child.
-Arnaud Desjardins

On that note - our little dude is doing great in there. Met with the dr. for our usual check up.
heart beat is 142 - normal and so cute!
My blood pressure is 110/ 60
oh my

I've gained 42.5 pounds so far. I wish I had wanted veggies instead of baked goods - but for some reason i could barely think about veggies without feeling nauseated. Oh well. The dr. says my weight gain is just fine - and the baby is normal size - not a big baby. and predicts a 7.5 pound baby if he is born on or near the due date.
Luckily all the weight is centered right out in front of me. yea - everything else is getting big too - but for the amount of weight I've gained you would think I'd be bigger in the face and arms and I'm not.

Just started to have swollen ankles and feet this week, and have vomited 5 times this past week and the dr. says it's ok. Just running out of room.

We talked more about c-section or not - not much talking about that - he just wanted to check in with me about it because I had asked for more info on that a long time ago and he wondered where I was at with it now.

Can't say that I feel like I know exactly what I want - and that is not normal for me since the entire time and even before I got pregnant I was pretty certain how I would have a baby. And Now - I'm taking birthing classes and learning about everything inside and out and I'm thinking I don't want to do any of them - but I do need to figure out my point of view on it. I figure it will all become clear to me the day of the birth!

Jerry is now in charge of shaving my legs as I can no longer bend over for that long without really bad pain. I wish I had a video camera so I could have taped the first time this morning that I stood in the bathtub and he helped me shave.
What a doll he is.
I was laughing like a little girl - which is how I usually feel when I'm with him ! He just tickles me on the inside by being who he is! Even on the way over to the dr, he looked at me a certain way and I told him that it tickled me on the inside and he said he knew. He can always tell when he melts me.

Can you tell I'm in LOVE!?

new post over on the art blog

if you are interested in what is going on in my creative life - which - actually - is my life in general - whether it be creating babies or photographs - you might be interested in following the link to my other blog...?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

third trimester woes

Oh man censorship is getting me down.
don't want to sound too negative and don't want to sound too happy happy joy joy fake girl either.
And then I think - wait - WHO CARES? who is the blog for anyway???

so - this week:

I've vomited 5 times so far...
4 at night while trying to get to sleep
and then once this morning.

Sciatic pain is so bad that walking has become hazardous to my health...both emotionally and physically.

I'm afraid of vomiting.

I'm propped up on 4-5 pillows at night and that seems to help me a little - sometimes - but not always.
Then I HAVE to get off of those pillows before I go bonkers so then I sleep on 3. Which is my preference.
And I still sleep on both the left and right sides even though they say to just sleep on the left side. I would explode if i couldn't adjust myself and turn.

I have more energy now then I have the entire pregnancy. I'm seeing more humans, driving more places, running more errands.
And then - I remember - that My sciatic pain is still there. It's like I'm 2 people.
one is high energy - that one lives in my head.
the other is in pain and that one lives in my body.
I'm a split personality ! h.e.l.p.!

last night we had friends over and I was reading something and after 2 sentences I had to give it to Jerry to finish because I was completely winded like I had just walked briskly up a hill. Out of breath, energy, and heart was pounding. I might have been sweating a little as well! Hopefully they weren't sitting all that close to me and didn't notice the stink?

I am eating salads again and with enjoyment and vigor!
yesterday I had a Chinese Cabbage Salad at heirloom in South Pasadena and I couldn't get enough of it.

My ankles have started to swell at night - for the past 2 nights.
My friend KT has had swelling almost the entire pregnancy. The doctor's assistants always ask about swelling and I feel so above that - so terminally unique - so powerful against the typical....and then - they swelled.
and I - was just like everyone else.

The little dude is still moving a lot in there - he is moving now. Not sure what he is doing. I can't imagine it's comfy in there at this point. He is running out of room. My belly button hasn't popped out yet and I would really like it too. what's the deal with that?

And - I am STILL in a discussion with myself about whether to color my hair or not.
yes - this is the drama that consumes my thoughts daily.
My hair is gray on top down to my ears. I cannot wear my hair down. It's two toned.

Shall I color it again - or let it go and just go gray already???

I can't quite imagine being the girl with gray when I still think I'm 27 years old.
I have an appointment next Thursday - will I keep it??????

that is the question.

Tomorrow - dr. appointment.
will have more stats then.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mr. President Barack Obama!

Historic day in our lives and it brings hope to the life of my unborn child. I used to feel that it wasn't a good thing to bring another person into a world like ours but today I feel inspired. I've never felt so interested in being involved in the community and in politics but Obama knows how to change the view point of an entire group of people! I am one of them. Excited to start living my life differently. Get involved. Help. Bring my little boy out to help people as well. make is a family affair. I have Obama to thank for that.
I'm wearing my Obama t-shirt today - it's a bit tighter around the belly then when I first bought it. Feels good to have it on today while I watch the inauguration on live with Facebook!

Monday, January 19, 2009

34th week check in and 8th month belly shot!

Week 34 - into the 8th month
Belly shot day. Always fun for me. Augh. But I'm so glad we did this project. It's amazing to line up all the photos and take a look.
Right now it just looks like I'm a tank. gaining weight all over. The belly is bigger then last month - but so are my legs, and arms and face. Not thrilled about those. But it also spurs in me that competitive athlete in me to get rid of it and get back into shape once the little fellah makes his debut. Not sure what I will want to do...another triathlon? NO THANK YOU. This much I know for sure. unless the swimming is in a kiddy pool.

Right now I can barely walk down the sidewalk so I can't really imagine exercising again. But I know it is going to be necessary for my well being. Right now - sitting, laying, and relaxing seem to be the best option.
Feeling a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions which for me feel like I'm going to start my period. It's a lovely feeling. Really. Especially when it wakes me up in the middle of the night and I think to myself - " oh, I'm going to start my period" and then a few seconds later I realize and remember that I CANNOT start my period because indeed I am pregnant.
It's a trip to have that experience. Especially when i have it more then once.

These days I have more energy and umph then I've had the entire pregnancy. This past weekend was the busiest I've been in 8 months.

We have our 3rd birthing class tonight. I am not looking forward to it.
Not sure if I've mentioned here but I think all the ways you can have a baby SUCK.

Did this make you laugh out loud?


I'm not laughing right now because I've been having contractions ( fake ones ) all morning.

But the big question on my mind is

Do I color my hair - or let the gray just move in?

It's down to my ears now - and it ain't pretty if I leave my hair down.
I don't mind how it looks when it's up - but then that is the only option and that gets old.
The belly photos are too dark and far away to tell all the gray glory that is the top of my head.

I don't really feel all that pretty with it - and with all the extra weight - it doesn't help me feel like a glowing pregnant gal - it just makes me feel kind of blah.
I'm thinking of leaving a shock of gray in the front and then coloring the rest the rich brown I love.


The dr. says I could have colored it about 15 weeks ago - but I was afraid - now my vanity is taking over. I know gwen stefani was hoping that having a baby would help kill her vanity - I wonder if it did. I don't think so - she is still platinum blonde and wears her red lipstick any time she leaves the house. I don't really want the upkeep of coloring my hair all the time - I've enjoyed not going in every 3 weeks to cover the gray. However - I'm not sure that my enjoyment of not going to the salon all the time is as important to me as the enjoyment of feeling good when I leave the house??

oh man the cramps/ contractions are not fun!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

3D Sonogram

YES ! That's our Little Tomato!!!

We went to a very cool place today over in Westwood called
3D babyface Sonography.
And my parents drove up from San Diego and met us there.

It was a great experience. We all loved it. There was a giant Plasma Tv in the suite so that we could all see the little guy close up.
Our little guy is pretty much wearing my uteran wall like a hat and he is hugging the umbilical cord. It made it a little difficult at first to get a good view of him but Greg the owner who was doing the sonograph really figured it out and got some amazing images. He was a hoot to work with as well. Really funny, and personable. We laughed a lot.

I must say it was really strange to actually SEE him. The ultrasounds we have gotten in the past just don't show the detail of his features the way this does. I feel like I know him better. Jerry does too.
We have almost 50 photos and a 40 minute DVD just watching him in there resting.
Which probably isn't as interesting to anyone else but us!

We are so excited we did that.
I highly recommend it if you can find a really good place like this one. Apparently he does offers them for free to wives of active duty soliders in Iraq. I don't know for sure if he still does that but we know that he did do it at one time which makes him a pretty stellar individual if you ask me.

Anyhow - I'm off to stare at the photos of him while feeding him some salad and a chicken sandwich and maybe some raspberry sorbet - he did have an exciting day today!


Friday, January 16, 2009

the Runaway Bunny

Yesterday my Aunt Donna sent us a stack of adorable little baby board books. After dinner Jerry and I sat at the table and alternated reading them to each other. I went first and read the Runaway Bunny. SO CUTE!
The other books are
"Big Red Barn"
"What's WRong, Little Pookie"
"Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you see? "
"Chicka Chicka abc "
"Dear Zoo"

I loved reading them outloud and having Jerry read them to me.
It was sweetness all around last night and I am looking forward to reading these to our little fellah.

not much else to report here.
All is well, still on belly button watch.
going to a 3D ultrasound tomorrow with Jerry and my parents

It's so glorious outside - 80 degrees in january and I feel really good. Waddling - but want to be outdoors.
Heading out now.

Monday, January 12, 2009

week 33, and I cannot count.

Well hello there,
Today is the beginning of the 33rd week and I'm feeling really good.
I have more energy then I did the first 2 trimesters.
I'm figuring out how to sleep a little better - with the help of a billion pillows, eating smaller meals and not allowing any more food in past about 7:30 or 8pm. Although I did have a really bad night Saturday night that I won't even go into here unless you don't mind me talking about throwing up - yea - I didn't think you wanted me to go there....sorry.

This past weekend we had the honor of being showered by 7 wonderful women down in San Diego.
The home was magnificent, the food was SO TASTY, and the company was fun and delightful.
Jerry and I got to hear a lot of pregnancy, and parenting stories which we both really enjoyed.
And we shared the baby names with them - although it's been our policy to keep quiet.
The gifts were of course so thoughtful and ADORABLE! Some of them I want to KEEP for MYSELF. ( is that so wrong?? !! )
Ok I won't do that now that you know I want to!

This week the baby is about 4 pounds and is running out of room ( you're telling me! ? ) Good grief.
suppose to be the size of a pineapple. Seems about right

We are taking our second class in our birthing class series tonight
And I am "researching" cake and cupcakes for a baby shower that 2 of my friends are hosting in a few weeks.
( it's hard to be me )

I just got back from Sweet Lady Jane and had a slice of cake there that might be the winner!

Last week I thought I had 7 weeks to go til the March 2nd due date - but my husband pointed out I'm a week off.
So THIS week is the 7 weeks til ETA.

I can't believe that this is where we are at now!

I'm gearing up to color my hair again. After 7 months ( or is it 8 ? ) I can't count...... I'm done with having half a head of grey hair and the rest the luscious deep brown that I love. Not having two toned hair anymore. Over it.
I'm going to leave a little shock of grey in the front like a streak - but that's all folks.

List of foods I love right now:

goat cheese
tangy fruit like raspberries
red peppers
yellow peppers
turkey burgers - without the bun
salad with lemon and olive oil
choc. chip ice cream on a sugar cone from buster's coffee shop in South Pasadena.
chicken with tomatos, kalamatas, and capers. ( thanks to amy and sean )

more sleep.
and more sunny days like today please.
86 degrees and sunny. What the heck - middle of Jan.
I'll take it.
doors are wide open - tv is broken so that's not on - and I'm enjoying the afterglow of cake research and feeling like it's time for a nap. Ahhhh - the quiet time before baby comes. I love this.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

photo of the day

My dearest belly - you are so beautiful, round, smooth, and a perfect container for our baby.
Thank you.
Thank you for holding on to him while he grows.
Thank you for growing in all the right places so he can have more room.
Thank you for letting us feel him move around and kick in there by just laying a hand on you and waiting.
Thank you for stretching yourself out and molding yourself to suit the needs of the little guy without any fussing or fighting back.
Thank you for fitting into the clothing you fit into and still somehow helping me look cute with your roundness out in front of me. ( we all know how important looking cute is ! especially when I feel like a whale. )
Thank you dearest belly for helping me hold this baby.
I'm grateful to you and all you do.

this photo was taken today on my iphone by my husband right after a glorious lunch date with my friend Kirsten.
Turkey, avocado, bacon, cheese sandwich and cup of tomato and red pepper soup with dollup of pesto. Orange slices, water from heriloom Bakery. ( they are starting to recognize me now I think I am there once or twice a week now )
and then topped off with a chocolate chip ice cream cone from Buster's. beautiful glowing hot sunny day. Proud to show off the belly underneath a pretty top I had in my closet before I got pregnant and it still fits me somehow. Black wide leg lounge pants, and my merrill walking shoes.
Hiding my grey hair under a hat, and dreaming of the day that I color it back to the rich deep chocolate color that I love......

Waiting for the belly button to pop out. Any day now. It's closing in on itself.....

Friday, January 9, 2009


holy cow - momversation listed my blog post as being an interesting read! I'm flattered and blushing over here! Thank you! I'm a big fan of Momversation. Have you checked them out? You must....

here is the link if you want to read what they said.

Feels like a good reason to go out and get myself a piece of cake - don't you?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a list at 55 days and counting

Just a little list of things I didn't think I would get so acquainted with while pregnant:

1. Extra Strength Rolaids - Tropical Berry flavor. One big bottle is by the bed., and another has to be in my purse at all times.
2. Trader Joes Lip Balm - gotta have it - or my lips shrivel. One by the bed, one in my purse, one in the bathroom cabinet, one in the car! One in my bag for the hospital!
3. Thin Pads - for a tiny amount of leakage. Need I say more? augh.
4. Pillows - I need 4-5 of them to prop me up to sleep on at night ( to avoid acid reflux if I can ) and one in between my legs like a body pillow. I have a body pillow but it wasn't very comfy because it's made of some poly blend and makes me sweat like crazy...not good for pregnant gals.
5. Nightmares - then waking up to Jerry giving me a kiss and telling me he loves me. This happens all the time. It's not fun and then - it's fun! Last nights dream was a dooozy. Then I got a nice hug and a kiss and a whisper that he loves me.
6. Toilet Paper - how many times can a gal get up to pee at night.....good grief!
7. slip on shoes - I never thought I'd buy these -but they are necessary!
8. tv( food channel, E!, bravo, Movie channels, Comedy channel etc.! ), tivo, internet, facebook, blogging, e-mail, txting, iphone and phone.
9. the inside of our house - especially the couch.
10. what it's like to drop things on the floor and just leave them until Jerry gets home since it hurts to bend over. So I am acquainted with walking around the things I drop.
11. Annie's gluten free Macaroni and Cheese, Microwaved for 4 minutes - then stirred - then another 3 minutes. Why do I know this by heart?!
12. worrying. I guess with pregnancy comes the jewish mother instinct of worrying about everything. Oy. ie: did that piece of lettuce get washed enough? Am I drinking enough water? What if the bath water was too hot? If I use this deoderant will it hurt the baby? I haven't felt him move much in there is he ok? What if I didn't eat enough veggies (ie: I didn't eat any is that a problem? ) What salad dressing can I actually eat that doesn't have raw egg in it? When can I have that Cesar Salad again???
13. being tired
14. letting Jerry take care of Everything with a capital E.
15. Missing my friends and being alone a lot during the day.
16. Being amazed that I am pregnant!
17. That feeling a kick or movement in my belly would make me feel so connected to the baby but also so far away because I can't tell what the heck is going on in there and he can't send me a memo.
( he just kicked me after I wrote that !!!! )
18. Red Meat.
19. Milk
20. Sugar and wheat! What the heck?
21. baking - who knew that "nesting" for me meant breaking out the standing mixer and throwing around the cupcake trays!
22. What sunrise looks like
23. What it looks like at 3am in the living room with no lights on.
24. What it feels like on the front porch at 5am
25. Falling more in love with my husband. How is that possible?!

I think he is just getting home now from work and from picking up our dinner - yes - you guessed it -
a well done cheeseburger, a side salad, and a side of fries and a piece of cake of his choice.
We are splitting it all. We've taken up splitting our meals when we eat out and it seems to help my tummy with the acid reflux - plus I just don't have the room anymore, and it saves us money, and if he is still hungry - he can microwave - MAC AND CHEESE!

Monday, January 5, 2009

week 32! beginning of 8th month I think? 7 weeks left...

well after trying to sleep for the past 4 hours I decided it was time to get out of bed and make some tea and see if moving around might help. Having some new pains make their appearance this evening up in my rib cage and around to my back right in a nice circle of discomfort. Also - the tar like heartburn I had way back in the beginning is back tonight for the first time in a long time. I had forgotten just how tasty that is. ACK. I usually have acid reflux and that burns but this is actual goop that likes to show itself and has a really strong burn and taste to it as well. Nothing helps that go away that I have found. Marty gave me some heartburn tea for the holidays this year ( THANKS MARTY ) and I am trying it out right now. It's soothing and maybe that is all that matters right now.

Jerry goes back to work today after a 4 day holiday weekend. We took down the tree and put away all the ornaments. Worked on our wedding album ( finally ) and watched a movie, worked on the baby room, started putting dimmer switches on in the rooms where baby will be, worked on clearing more room in the garage, called pediatricians, bought new phones so we have more of them and moved our current one out of the baby room, etc etc. Lots of small adjustments. I was more like a list maker then an actual helper bee on some of these assignments but it's nice to work as a team to get this stuff done.

Jerry is starting a time change for office hours so that when baby comes he won't be at the office until 7:30pm anymore. ( and 7:30 is EARLY compared to what it was like when we first met - he was getting home around 9 or 10pm most nights back then so it's slowly been improving ).
he is getting himself and the troops that work with him used to a 9-6 schedule instead of 10-7:30 schedule. When he gets off work at 7:30 I usually see him at home by around 8pm or 8:30 depending on traffic.
It's going to mean that he has to drive in a much more dense traffic situation both ways - but that he will be home sooner to hopefully get some baby time before the little dude goes to sleep. It may also help me to get out a little more at night once in a while to see friends and go to my meetings. Not that this is going to happen right away but a meeting at night once in a while after I get used to the new dude in the house might be a nice thing to break up my own schedule as well. I will do a baby hand off and head out.

Here is a photo of what he looks like according to

Apparently he is the weight of a large Jicama but my back thinks it's more like the weight of 5 large jicamas. Good lordy.
My back has had enough and is really tight down in the lower areas which makes me shuffle around a lot these days. Going to get another massage soon. Like probably next weekend!
( thank you for the holiday money mom and pop! my back thanks you! )

Jerry and I decided to not have a Briss or a Baptism since it wouldn't really be fair to put this on the little guy since we aren't religious and we don't want to start creating situations that don't work for both of us as a team effort. Maybe we will create our own little ritual and ceremony for him when he gets home. A sage burning, tea drinking, prayer flag hanging event of some sort. oh that sounds soothing doesn't it?

Earlier tonight Jerry and I were watching the comedy channel and the comedian that was up last was talking about his 5 year old son who decided to color his entire penis green with a permanent sharpie marker and then add two eyeballs on his little balls with a black marker and then everytime the parents had friend over the son couldn't wait to drop his pants and show them his green penis with eyeballs. His penis was green for 2 weeks.

Hope this post leaves you with a little chuckle of what may be in store in our future. Green penis with eyeballs and a son who is proud of his artwork.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Grandma Oldenburg turns 99 today

Dear little dude,

Your great grandma Beatrice Oldenburg turned 99 years old today!!!
Our Aunt Cathy and Uncle Ralph, Uncle Joe and Aunt Carol took her out to her favorite place to eat today ARBY'S!
That just cracks me up.
Thought I'd post these photos that were sent to us today so you can take a look at them later in your life and see what she looked like in 2009!

Your papa's got some crazy stories about Grandma O. She was a wild one back in her youth. Especially during the prohibition years!


baby doctor update

We had another monthly routine baby doctor visit today.

here are the stats:

my current weight: 154 ( um oh my god )
I've gained 37 pounds so far....don't call me fatty or I'll punch your lights out.

Blood pressure: 112 over 68

a little protein in my urine - just like the last few visits - nothing to concern ourselves about.

Sugar level is normal.

Baby's heartbeat 136 - normal.

His head is facing down, right on top of my bladder thank you very much...

I started having cramps that feel like I'm going to start my period - and that my friends is called Braxton Hicks Contractions.
If they continue and get to be really regular that means baby is coming so we are hoping that it just stays like it is. a little at night and a little in the afternoon. I'll keep you posted. p.s. I have them right now. Doesn't feel good. Just so you know. But not terrible.

Talked to him about C-Section and Vaginal birth.
I'm keeping my thoughts / choice about the birth to myself since so many people out there enjoy giving unsolicited advice.
I'm not open to that right now. Never have been actually.

Now we have our next appointment in 3 weeks, then the next in 2 weeks, then 1 week after that, then 1 week, then it's "show time".

oh my.

People say that the baby can be anywhere up to 2 weeks late and that first time babies usually are late. However our doctor won't go beyond one week past the due date so that's good I think.

Today we bought new phones and Monday the phone people are coming to install more phone jacks so we can get the phone out of the baby's room and there will be 3 new phones in the house in much closer proximity to me. I have a very hard time hearing the phone if it's not next to me because of my hearing loss, so that will be super nice for baby and me!
We made sure the phone has a "ringer off" mode and a place to plug in a headset since I hear so much better with one and then I'm hands free which is essential with baby!

We also got an air purifier and will probably get another one in a few months. This one we are going to have in the front room for now and then it might move to our room. It will help clean up the cat dander, cat in general, dust, and any other funk in the air.

I bought a pair of sweats at old navy today to put in the overnight bag for the hospital.
And we called a Pediatrician to make an appointment to meet her and get a tour of the place and learn more about her see if we like her. We are going to meet a few more while we have a few more weeks. ( knock on wood )

sorry it's so clinical and not really interesting today.
But that's the scoop.

Enjoying having Jerry home for the next 3 days. We had a great time at the annual new years day waffle party.