Saturday, January 17, 2009

3D Sonogram

YES ! That's our Little Tomato!!!

We went to a very cool place today over in Westwood called
3D babyface Sonography.
And my parents drove up from San Diego and met us there.

It was a great experience. We all loved it. There was a giant Plasma Tv in the suite so that we could all see the little guy close up.
Our little guy is pretty much wearing my uteran wall like a hat and he is hugging the umbilical cord. It made it a little difficult at first to get a good view of him but Greg the owner who was doing the sonograph really figured it out and got some amazing images. He was a hoot to work with as well. Really funny, and personable. We laughed a lot.

I must say it was really strange to actually SEE him. The ultrasounds we have gotten in the past just don't show the detail of his features the way this does. I feel like I know him better. Jerry does too.
We have almost 50 photos and a 40 minute DVD just watching him in there resting.
Which probably isn't as interesting to anyone else but us!

We are so excited we did that.
I highly recommend it if you can find a really good place like this one. Apparently he does offers them for free to wives of active duty soliders in Iraq. I don't know for sure if he still does that but we know that he did do it at one time which makes him a pretty stellar individual if you ask me.

Anyhow - I'm off to stare at the photos of him while feeding him some salad and a chicken sandwich and maybe some raspberry sorbet - he did have an exciting day today!



mary catherine said...

Wow-how cool to see him like that! Clearly, he's cute already. :)

Catherine Just said...

oh thank you MC! We think so too!