Monday, January 26, 2009

week #35!? how did I get here?

another 3D photo of our little dude. Isn't that crazy?! He is so darn CUTE! Look at those lips!
and an ultrasound photo of his penis. He is going to kill me when he sees this. How embarrassing! Already a mom who embarrasses her kid. Oy vey.

week 35 is here.
How did I ( we ) get here?
I look back and hardly remember the past 8 months.
I do remember the couch. I've had many days on it.
I remember being tired a lot.
he is about the size of a cantalope - and the weight of one - about 5.25 pounds. getting harder to walk. Lots of back pain.

thought for the day:
I hope our son knows he is valuable no matter what. No matter the circumstances in his life or the life of the people around him.

I think that I have to show him an example of that - by knowing that I am valuable not by anything external - but by how I treat myself and love myself and love others without expectation. and know that imperfection is perfection!


On another note - we have birthing class tonight and then just one more after that.

Then one breastfeeding class
I think we learn how to use that breast pump thing.

We are both packed for the hospital.
The car seat is in the car now. Installed.

And this week We are getting our home ready for our baby shower.
My friend Amy flys in from Minneapolis on Friday.
Jerrys mom comes in from utah on Saturday.
My mom takes the train up from San Diego on Sunday.

Lots of help from friends to pull off this shower!
Love my friends.

Thank you to Kirsten and Amy.
I would have fallen apart without your help.

I'm off to get ready for our friend to come by and give us a quote on some home repairs.
trying to get some things done before baby comes.

And I found out this week that another friend of ours is pregnant!
I'm so excited for them!!!!!


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