Monday, January 19, 2009

34th week check in and 8th month belly shot!

Week 34 - into the 8th month
Belly shot day. Always fun for me. Augh. But I'm so glad we did this project. It's amazing to line up all the photos and take a look.
Right now it just looks like I'm a tank. gaining weight all over. The belly is bigger then last month - but so are my legs, and arms and face. Not thrilled about those. But it also spurs in me that competitive athlete in me to get rid of it and get back into shape once the little fellah makes his debut. Not sure what I will want to do...another triathlon? NO THANK YOU. This much I know for sure. unless the swimming is in a kiddy pool.

Right now I can barely walk down the sidewalk so I can't really imagine exercising again. But I know it is going to be necessary for my well being. Right now - sitting, laying, and relaxing seem to be the best option.
Feeling a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions which for me feel like I'm going to start my period. It's a lovely feeling. Really. Especially when it wakes me up in the middle of the night and I think to myself - " oh, I'm going to start my period" and then a few seconds later I realize and remember that I CANNOT start my period because indeed I am pregnant.
It's a trip to have that experience. Especially when i have it more then once.

These days I have more energy and umph then I've had the entire pregnancy. This past weekend was the busiest I've been in 8 months.

We have our 3rd birthing class tonight. I am not looking forward to it.
Not sure if I've mentioned here but I think all the ways you can have a baby SUCK.

Did this make you laugh out loud?


I'm not laughing right now because I've been having contractions ( fake ones ) all morning.

But the big question on my mind is

Do I color my hair - or let the gray just move in?

It's down to my ears now - and it ain't pretty if I leave my hair down.
I don't mind how it looks when it's up - but then that is the only option and that gets old.
The belly photos are too dark and far away to tell all the gray glory that is the top of my head.

I don't really feel all that pretty with it - and with all the extra weight - it doesn't help me feel like a glowing pregnant gal - it just makes me feel kind of blah.
I'm thinking of leaving a shock of gray in the front and then coloring the rest the rich brown I love.


The dr. says I could have colored it about 15 weeks ago - but I was afraid - now my vanity is taking over. I know gwen stefani was hoping that having a baby would help kill her vanity - I wonder if it did. I don't think so - she is still platinum blonde and wears her red lipstick any time she leaves the house. I don't really want the upkeep of coloring my hair all the time - I've enjoyed not going in every 3 weeks to cover the gray. However - I'm not sure that my enjoyment of not going to the salon all the time is as important to me as the enjoyment of feeling good when I leave the house??

oh man the cramps/ contractions are not fun!


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