Friday, January 2, 2009

baby doctor update

We had another monthly routine baby doctor visit today.

here are the stats:

my current weight: 154 ( um oh my god )
I've gained 37 pounds so far....don't call me fatty or I'll punch your lights out.

Blood pressure: 112 over 68

a little protein in my urine - just like the last few visits - nothing to concern ourselves about.

Sugar level is normal.

Baby's heartbeat 136 - normal.

His head is facing down, right on top of my bladder thank you very much...

I started having cramps that feel like I'm going to start my period - and that my friends is called Braxton Hicks Contractions.
If they continue and get to be really regular that means baby is coming so we are hoping that it just stays like it is. a little at night and a little in the afternoon. I'll keep you posted. p.s. I have them right now. Doesn't feel good. Just so you know. But not terrible.

Talked to him about C-Section and Vaginal birth.
I'm keeping my thoughts / choice about the birth to myself since so many people out there enjoy giving unsolicited advice.
I'm not open to that right now. Never have been actually.

Now we have our next appointment in 3 weeks, then the next in 2 weeks, then 1 week after that, then 1 week, then it's "show time".

oh my.

People say that the baby can be anywhere up to 2 weeks late and that first time babies usually are late. However our doctor won't go beyond one week past the due date so that's good I think.

Today we bought new phones and Monday the phone people are coming to install more phone jacks so we can get the phone out of the baby's room and there will be 3 new phones in the house in much closer proximity to me. I have a very hard time hearing the phone if it's not next to me because of my hearing loss, so that will be super nice for baby and me!
We made sure the phone has a "ringer off" mode and a place to plug in a headset since I hear so much better with one and then I'm hands free which is essential with baby!

We also got an air purifier and will probably get another one in a few months. This one we are going to have in the front room for now and then it might move to our room. It will help clean up the cat dander, cat in general, dust, and any other funk in the air.

I bought a pair of sweats at old navy today to put in the overnight bag for the hospital.
And we called a Pediatrician to make an appointment to meet her and get a tour of the place and learn more about her see if we like her. We are going to meet a few more while we have a few more weeks. ( knock on wood )

sorry it's so clinical and not really interesting today.
But that's the scoop.

Enjoying having Jerry home for the next 3 days. We had a great time at the annual new years day waffle party.

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