Friday, January 16, 2009

the Runaway Bunny

Yesterday my Aunt Donna sent us a stack of adorable little baby board books. After dinner Jerry and I sat at the table and alternated reading them to each other. I went first and read the Runaway Bunny. SO CUTE!
The other books are
"Big Red Barn"
"What's WRong, Little Pookie"
"Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you see? "
"Chicka Chicka abc "
"Dear Zoo"

I loved reading them outloud and having Jerry read them to me.
It was sweetness all around last night and I am looking forward to reading these to our little fellah.

not much else to report here.
All is well, still on belly button watch.
going to a 3D ultrasound tomorrow with Jerry and my parents

It's so glorious outside - 80 degrees in january and I feel really good. Waddling - but want to be outdoors.
Heading out now.

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