Monday, January 12, 2009

week 33, and I cannot count.

Well hello there,
Today is the beginning of the 33rd week and I'm feeling really good.
I have more energy then I did the first 2 trimesters.
I'm figuring out how to sleep a little better - with the help of a billion pillows, eating smaller meals and not allowing any more food in past about 7:30 or 8pm. Although I did have a really bad night Saturday night that I won't even go into here unless you don't mind me talking about throwing up - yea - I didn't think you wanted me to go there....sorry.

This past weekend we had the honor of being showered by 7 wonderful women down in San Diego.
The home was magnificent, the food was SO TASTY, and the company was fun and delightful.
Jerry and I got to hear a lot of pregnancy, and parenting stories which we both really enjoyed.
And we shared the baby names with them - although it's been our policy to keep quiet.
The gifts were of course so thoughtful and ADORABLE! Some of them I want to KEEP for MYSELF. ( is that so wrong?? !! )
Ok I won't do that now that you know I want to!

This week the baby is about 4 pounds and is running out of room ( you're telling me! ? ) Good grief.
suppose to be the size of a pineapple. Seems about right

We are taking our second class in our birthing class series tonight
And I am "researching" cake and cupcakes for a baby shower that 2 of my friends are hosting in a few weeks.
( it's hard to be me )

I just got back from Sweet Lady Jane and had a slice of cake there that might be the winner!

Last week I thought I had 7 weeks to go til the March 2nd due date - but my husband pointed out I'm a week off.
So THIS week is the 7 weeks til ETA.

I can't believe that this is where we are at now!

I'm gearing up to color my hair again. After 7 months ( or is it 8 ? ) I can't count...... I'm done with having half a head of grey hair and the rest the luscious deep brown that I love. Not having two toned hair anymore. Over it.
I'm going to leave a little shock of grey in the front like a streak - but that's all folks.

List of foods I love right now:

goat cheese
tangy fruit like raspberries
red peppers
yellow peppers
turkey burgers - without the bun
salad with lemon and olive oil
choc. chip ice cream on a sugar cone from buster's coffee shop in South Pasadena.
chicken with tomatos, kalamatas, and capers. ( thanks to amy and sean )

more sleep.
and more sunny days like today please.
86 degrees and sunny. What the heck - middle of Jan.
I'll take it.
doors are wide open - tv is broken so that's not on - and I'm enjoying the afterglow of cake research and feeling like it's time for a nap. Ahhhh - the quiet time before baby comes. I love this.

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