Monday, October 24, 2011

CONTEST! One on One Photography Coaching for FREE!!

Soul*Full ©Catherine Just

Need more Soul infused into your images? 
( Who doesn't? )

I'm giving away a Free Month of One on One Photography Coaching !
( and you don't need to live in Utah to receive this special offer ! )

What does that mean?

*I will create sessions specifically based on what your needs are and what results you are looking for with your photography.
*We will meet over skype once a week, and regularly on a private flickr page to share photos and you'll get feedback and tips for the month of November!

This is a $500.00 Value! Can you stand it? 

Sound good?

There are TWO steps to enter this contest:

1. Comment on this blog post below letting me know what you would like to learn most in photography.

2. Add your e-mail address in the safe and secure form down below where it says 
" Enter this Contest! " and click "Join". 
You must take this step in order to officially enter. I won't know how to contact you when you WIN if you don't do this step!

The Winner will be announced on Tuesday November 1st!  Yep You only have a WEEK to enter! So go for it! What are you waiting for??

You + Camera + Soul = Juicy Photos!!

Ready GO!
This Contest is Closed! Check out the post for November 1st to find out the WINNER!!!!

Enter the Contest!
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Link Love

Trees at Silverlake © Catherine Just

A little photo from our trip to SilverLake today. It was GORGEOUS up there.

Here are some things I'm lovin right now:

This video!

I'm loving the video interviews here and that it's free!

I've known about her for a while and I am LOVING her work.

I want to buy everything they make and take their classes! And they are in UTAH! yay!

Should I sign up for this?  It's here in SLC! How can I resist!

COUNTING THE DAYS until Jo from The Darling Tree gets back from her month long European vacation. We've got lots of new work brewing and I cannot launch it without her talent.

I ran across this CD  and cannot stop playing it.

I purchased this back in May and I think it's the best book I've read on lighting your own fire! The resources, videos, content....kicks ass butt!

That you can pre-order Susannah Conway's book on! I've already purchased mine.

Quote by Andrea Scher of Mondo Beyondo
"Are our dreams just intuitive hits on our future?" " None of them are impossible if you dreamt them from your heart. It's just a matter of how much you want to bring to them "

Have a great weekend! I'll be over on my Soul*Full eCourse hanging out with some incredible women. I'm so glad that each and every one of them signed up for my first run of it. It's been incredible. People are already signing up for the January Session! I'm pinching myself.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Can you believe you would have to PAY to LOOK! That just makes me laugh.

I must say that looking and discovering new things is on the top of my favorite things to do list.
Not just through the viewfinder. I mean - in every which way.

I love to go on a road trip with no destination and see what I see.
I love to take a walk with my camera and discover new things in my own neighborhood.
I love to go to new restaurants, boutique shops and parts of town I've never been to.

Another way I love to "look" is what I call research. I love research so much it feels like I'm on a luxury vacation when I'm doing research! Isn't that odd? But I love it. I love researching artists, bloggers, cities, towns, photography techniques, photographers etc.

But one of my all time favorite things to research is.....
the beginning phase of starting up my own business.

When I am inspired by a new project - I dive into it like it's a big fat piece of Chocolate cake.
And new projects revolve around my new business ventures and it's yummy here!

I love taking eCourses on doing what I love
I love reading the Spark Kit forward and back and foward and back again. I bought it back in May and I think it's the one book that I recommend the MOST for people who want to Spark their own Fire!
I love learning about social media, being a great business woman, and making it fun, exciting and helpful for myself and for people who want my "products".  I love watching videos by Marie Forleo .

I love looking at other artist/blogger gals like me. Making connections, hearing their hearts spill onto the page and relating to them. I think of that as research too - the "where are my people" research.

I love how one website leads to a list of other amazing places and people.
Yesterday I went on the Alt Summit website ( still thinking about whether I should go to this or not - since it's in SLC and I live in SLC and there are FANTASTIC speakers brainer? )
And found out there is an incredible printmaker that lives HERE in UTAH. I mean....I keep feeling like my "people" live " there" over there not HERE - but there she was! And yep I signed up for her newsletter. I'd love to take one of her letterpress classes. More yum. ( and her work is sold at.....Anthropologie.....I'm in love )

I love creating something out of nothing. That just turns me on. And research plays a big role in that for me. Even researching what happens when I use new film from the Impossible Project.  Or what happens when I mix a red ink with a little but of orange get the idea. Research is like playing. It requires my attention, and requires some letting go and just moving forward.

That's what's happening over here late at night after Max goes to sleep. Lots of Research. I'm having a great time. And this weekend we are going to research Silver Lake. I've never been and am so excited to explore unknown territory. Yea - I guess you could say I'm an explorer of the unknown. It excites me. Especially when the unknown leads me to a greater understanding of myself, how to run my business successfully and authentically, learning about others and what feeds their soul, and the world around me.

When you think about who you are - and what you like to do - what comes to mind? Not in the usual sense of "I like to paint" but what else makes you feel like you are on vacation even if others might find it grueling work or boring.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Max shows us his sign language

I've been trying to make a video of all of his signs for a while now - but each time I turn on the camera - he gets shy. This time he did it! He was tired and distracted - but he did it! We wrote out all the signs we thought he knew and asked him to show us each one. Some are more obvious than others - but because we are around him a lot we recognize his "baby" signs. It's just like baby talk. Only the parents really understand them! This morning he showed me 3 more signs that I didn't realize he I'm going to add to the list and do another one in a month or so. It's truly incredible to me how much sign language he has picked up. He LOVES Rachel Coleman and Signing Time DVD's. I cannot recommend them enough. We have a portable DVD player and we have it when we go out to eat so he can watch and learn while Jerry and I actually have conversations with each other. It's so helpful on many levels! I don't think I would be fond of it if all he did was sit in front of it watching any such thing. But I'm so grateful that they made Signing Time DVD's because the singing and dancing and repetition create a fun learning experience....for all three of us. I literally wake up with the songs in my head.

Right now Max is outside swinging in our backyard with our babysitter! We hired someone to come here 3 times per week so I can actually work on my photography business and get some much needed time for myself. It's been a hard thing for me to actually do for myself. I feel guilt. I feel inadequate. I feel like I'm missing out on time I could be with Max. Time that I can't get back. But I do notice a big difference inside my being. I notice that when I am with Max I feel more present. I feel more light hearted. I feel less distracted by my business and all the things I want to get done that I cannot get to. Mama NEEDS this time. I've got my tea, my favorite candle is lit, I'm going to turn on my itunes playlist and let myself sink deeper into my own skin so I can be an even better mama for Max - and a better friend to MYSELF! I do notice that Max benefits from having a mama who is more fulfilled. Don't get me wrong. It is very fulfilling to be Max's Mama. AND it's fulfilling to create my artwork, create my business, be alone, take a bubble bath, sip tea in a quiet room and wear my favorite boots and dress up for no reason. Yes - I put on make up and did my hair for my day in the studio. I'm curious what fills you up when you get time away from mamahood? What is on your dream list when you are deep in diaper duty and dream of having time to just do what ever  you want? Add a comment and let me know.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Costume? and an Anniversary!

This was what Max wore on is first Halloween.

The next year he was a cheeseburger.

What should he be this year? I'm thinkin Pizza?

on another note - Today is our 4 year anniversary! HOORAY FOR US! Thank you sweet Jerry for being my partner, my favorite, my love.

We are actually going to a movie tonight. Can you believe that one. We've only gone to ONE movie since Max was born! What should we see?


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Handcar Regatta - Santa Rosa, Ca. One of the best events I've ever attended. Look at the costmes! People really did it up. Loved them. And the handcar designs were out of this world. I wanted to sink myself deep into this culture. It was fascinating. It was a cross between Goth and Punk and Science and Old Time Period Piece and just outlandishness. Loved it.
The owl was on her shoulder and his head turned back and forth and all the way around. a mechanical Owl. It was AWESOME.
The Bird wings are REAL.
He rode his bike through the crowds with ease!
She was inside the coffee shop getting her favorite drink
Here is one of MANY interesting inventions for the Handcar races.
Lots of people with goggles. This guy was a little bit spooky.
Huge mural. the wheel with hope and fear you can walk up to ans spin it.

She's making sauerkraut the old fashion way. The gal below was beautiful and totally in character.
for more info here is the link

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mondo Beyondo dreams do come true!

Mondo Beyondo Dreams do come true.
One of mine was to meet Andrea Scher.
I wrote the dream down and put it in an envelope and sealed it. This was about a year ago when we were living in Los Angeles. I remember sitting at the dining room table writing it down and sealing it away. One day as we planned our trip to Santa Rosa for our cousins wedding - I thought I'd e-mail Andrea and just see if she would meet with me for coffee. I felt like "why would SHE want to meet with ME". All of that self defeating chatter came up. But I asked anyway. Sometimes the earth/universe moves my fear away for a brief moment so I can ACT in behalf of my self and my dreams. I hit "send" and waited her response. She was into it. Actually - it felt a bit normal to be emailing back and forth with her. I had seen so many photos of her, had interviewed her on skype for my upcoming Soul*Full eCourse ( Which starts this Monday by the way! ) and had corresponded with her for several years. I've also taken her Mondo Beyondo eCourse ( Life changing by the way - you should take it if you haven't already ) - I took her Dream Lab eCourse - Super fun - and most recently participated in her Superhero Photo eCourse - which was not only super fun, but I learned a bit more about being present, seeking more gratitude and joy and how in the bleep to pack my camera gear AND my diaper bag and child with me...not an easy task but doable.
I've also worn her Superhero jewelry, and must say it does make magic happen.

All this to say that I am clearly a huge fan(!) and I am grateful she took the time to sit with me. I actually brought my son Max and husband Jerry with me and the 4 of us sat and had coffee ( well, Max sat and tossed food onto the floor ). I promised her that next time we meet I would leave the fellas at home.

I think what stands out about Andrea for me is that she is so BRAVE. She tells it like it is. Authentic and Honest. I've always adored her transparency on her Blog and it has helped me to let down my "professional photographer" mask and just be myself. She is talented and surrounds herself with amazing creative wise women. And is married and mother of two children on top of all of her creative projects. She talked with me on the phone after my first photography retreat on the Oregon Coast and had such supportive words for me as I processed it all. She is a dear soul. She believes in dreaming big and helps others to go for the secret dreams you don't want to say out loud because they are that big. I LOVE that about her. Don't you? Ok - thanks for joining me in a peek inside my Mondo Beyondo Moment. She is largely responsible for the Soul*Full eCourse happening at all. Does she know that? I guess I should send her a link to this blog post...


Monday, October 3, 2011

Transform your life!

7 Days until the highly anticipated Soul*Full eCourse gets started! 

 This is an amazing opportunity to shift your awareness
Create, let go, breathe deeply and sing our heart songs

Come join us!