Thursday, October 13, 2011

Costume? and an Anniversary!

This was what Max wore on is first Halloween.

The next year he was a cheeseburger.

What should he be this year? I'm thinkin Pizza?

on another note - Today is our 4 year anniversary! HOORAY FOR US! Thank you sweet Jerry for being my partner, my favorite, my love.

We are actually going to a movie tonight. Can you believe that one. We've only gone to ONE movie since Max was born! What should we see?



Clairity said...

See MoneyBall. It's really good.

I also vote for pizza.

Love to you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Catherine, and yes we have another thing in's our 11th anniversary today!!! Haha! Just got back from a gorgeous dinner at a quirky little place in town...loved it!! Hope you enjoyed your movie!! Lovely to see your blog, and I love the pics of Max dressed up...very cute!!

Adriana said...

Ohhh, I just love you guys. Happy belated anniversary.