Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Max shows us his sign language

I've been trying to make a video of all of his signs for a while now - but each time I turn on the camera - he gets shy. This time he did it! He was tired and distracted - but he did it! We wrote out all the signs we thought he knew and asked him to show us each one. Some are more obvious than others - but because we are around him a lot we recognize his "baby" signs. It's just like baby talk. Only the parents really understand them! This morning he showed me 3 more signs that I didn't realize he knew...so I'm going to add to the list and do another one in a month or so. It's truly incredible to me how much sign language he has picked up. He LOVES Rachel Coleman and Signing Time DVD's. I cannot recommend them enough. We have a portable DVD player and we have it when we go out to eat so he can watch and learn while Jerry and I actually have conversations with each other. It's so helpful on many levels! I don't think I would be fond of it if all he did was sit in front of it watching any such thing. But I'm so grateful that they made Signing Time DVD's because the singing and dancing and repetition create a fun learning experience....for all three of us. I literally wake up with the songs in my head.

Right now Max is outside swinging in our backyard with our babysitter! We hired someone to come here 3 times per week so I can actually work on my photography business and get some much needed time for myself. It's been a hard thing for me to actually do for myself. I feel guilt. I feel inadequate. I feel like I'm missing out on time I could be with Max. Time that I can't get back. But I do notice a big difference inside my being. I notice that when I am with Max I feel more present. I feel more light hearted. I feel less distracted by my business and all the things I want to get done that I cannot get to. Mama NEEDS this time. I've got my tea, my favorite candle is lit, I'm going to turn on my itunes playlist and let myself sink deeper into my own skin so I can be an even better mama for Max - and a better friend to MYSELF! I do notice that Max benefits from having a mama who is more fulfilled. Don't get me wrong. It is very fulfilling to be Max's Mama. AND it's fulfilling to create my artwork, create my business, be alone, take a bubble bath, sip tea in a quiet room and wear my favorite boots and dress up for no reason. Yes - I put on make up and did my hair for my day in the studio. I'm curious what fills you up when you get time away from mamahood? What is on your dream list when you are deep in diaper duty and dream of having time to just do what ever  you want? Add a comment and let me know.


Kristin said...

Truly amazing Max!!

Clairity said...

Love it Catherine!
It's so great that you are taking the time to do what you need to do. You are right that this is time you can never get back. But the time you are spending with him in a more present, happy mode is the time that matters more than empty, distracted minutes. Those are also minutes HE can't get back that, let's face it, are being well spent with people who are there specifically to enjoy him. And it's so awesome that you are talking about it. It's ridiculous that we are expected to do this by ourselves, not at all how G-d intended, I think. lol
I notice that when I am not attending to my needs - my deep need for solitude and quiet - which is so counter to having children around, much less just in our society - I start distancing myself from my body. I literally want to be out of my body. I don't want to exercise, or even stretch, I don't want to have sex, or be intimate in any way, I fantasize about being a totally different person. It's quite marked. It can't be underestimated how important this is what you are doing.

Loreni and Miles said...

He did it! So cool! Miles' sign for dog is exactly the same. And I totally get the baby sign language thing. Some of Miles' signs are so clear, like some of Max's, but others are only clear to mama and papa. And I kinda love that. Go Max! And go you!!! I am so happy that you have 3 times a week for yourself and your business. You deserve it, never feel guilty about it. This is a lesson I need to learn myself. It's like you said, if you get your time then you can be a better mama for Max and it's oh so important. I'm proud of you girl!!! Give that little man a smooch from me, he's just delicious. xo

angela hawkins said...

this video is amazing...thanks for sharing. Max is so adorable and is growing into a little man:) So glad you are getting some time to work & reflect. Wish i could attend every single one of your retreats....they look truly incredible. We moved to Santa Barbara in August....Jason got the asst baseball job @UCSB. Its beautiful here and the boys are doing well. About the only thing i do for me time is run....im doin the santa barbara half marathon tomorrow. really want to start taking pictures again & hopefully can attend one of your retreats soon. Hope all is well in Utah!