Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Handcar Regatta - Santa Rosa, Ca. One of the best events I've ever attended. Look at the costmes! People really did it up. Loved them. And the handcar designs were out of this world. I wanted to sink myself deep into this culture. It was fascinating. It was a cross between Goth and Punk and Science and Old Time Period Piece and just outlandishness. Loved it.
The owl was on her shoulder and his head turned back and forth and all the way around. a mechanical Owl. It was AWESOME.
The Bird wings are REAL.
He rode his bike through the crowds with ease!
She was inside the coffee shop getting her favorite drink
Here is one of MANY interesting inventions for the Handcar races.
Lots of people with goggles. This guy was a little bit spooky.
Huge mural. the wheel with hope and fear you can walk up to ans spin it.

She's making sauerkraut the old fashion way. The gal below was beautiful and totally in character.
for more info here is the link http://handcar-regatta.com/

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