Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mondo Beyondo dreams do come true!

Mondo Beyondo Dreams do come true.
One of mine was to meet Andrea Scher.
I wrote the dream down and put it in an envelope and sealed it. This was about a year ago when we were living in Los Angeles. I remember sitting at the dining room table writing it down and sealing it away. One day as we planned our trip to Santa Rosa for our cousins wedding - I thought I'd e-mail Andrea and just see if she would meet with me for coffee. I felt like "why would SHE want to meet with ME". All of that self defeating chatter came up. But I asked anyway. Sometimes the earth/universe moves my fear away for a brief moment so I can ACT in behalf of my self and my dreams. I hit "send" and waited her response. She was into it. Actually - it felt a bit normal to be emailing back and forth with her. I had seen so many photos of her, had interviewed her on skype for my upcoming Soul*Full eCourse ( Which starts this Monday by the way! ) and had corresponded with her for several years. I've also taken her Mondo Beyondo eCourse ( Life changing by the way - you should take it if you haven't already ) - I took her Dream Lab eCourse - Super fun - and most recently participated in her Superhero Photo eCourse - which was not only super fun, but I learned a bit more about being present, seeking more gratitude and joy and how in the bleep to pack my camera gear AND my diaper bag and child with me...not an easy task but doable.
I've also worn her Superhero jewelry, and must say it does make magic happen.

All this to say that I am clearly a huge fan(!) and I am grateful she took the time to sit with me. I actually brought my son Max and husband Jerry with me and the 4 of us sat and had coffee ( well, Max sat and tossed food onto the floor ). I promised her that next time we meet I would leave the fellas at home.

I think what stands out about Andrea for me is that she is so BRAVE. She tells it like it is. Authentic and Honest. I've always adored her transparency on her Blog and it has helped me to let down my "professional photographer" mask and just be myself. She is talented and surrounds herself with amazing creative wise women. And is married and mother of two children on top of all of her creative projects. She talked with me on the phone after my first photography retreat on the Oregon Coast and had such supportive words for me as I processed it all. She is a dear soul. She believes in dreaming big and helps others to go for the secret dreams you don't want to say out loud because they are that big. I LOVE that about her. Don't you? Ok - thanks for joining me in a peek inside my Mondo Beyondo Moment. She is largely responsible for the Soul*Full eCourse happening at all. Does she know that? I guess I should send her a link to this blog post...


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Andrea Scher said...

So honored by this tribute Catherine! It was wonderful to meet you and your men. :)