Sunday, January 11, 2009

photo of the day

My dearest belly - you are so beautiful, round, smooth, and a perfect container for our baby.
Thank you.
Thank you for holding on to him while he grows.
Thank you for growing in all the right places so he can have more room.
Thank you for letting us feel him move around and kick in there by just laying a hand on you and waiting.
Thank you for stretching yourself out and molding yourself to suit the needs of the little guy without any fussing or fighting back.
Thank you for fitting into the clothing you fit into and still somehow helping me look cute with your roundness out in front of me. ( we all know how important looking cute is ! especially when I feel like a whale. )
Thank you dearest belly for helping me hold this baby.
I'm grateful to you and all you do.

this photo was taken today on my iphone by my husband right after a glorious lunch date with my friend Kirsten.
Turkey, avocado, bacon, cheese sandwich and cup of tomato and red pepper soup with dollup of pesto. Orange slices, water from heriloom Bakery. ( they are starting to recognize me now I think I am there once or twice a week now )
and then topped off with a chocolate chip ice cream cone from Buster's. beautiful glowing hot sunny day. Proud to show off the belly underneath a pretty top I had in my closet before I got pregnant and it still fits me somehow. Black wide leg lounge pants, and my merrill walking shoes.
Hiding my grey hair under a hat, and dreaming of the day that I color it back to the rich deep chocolate color that I love......

Waiting for the belly button to pop out. Any day now. It's closing in on itself.....

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