Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a list at 55 days and counting

Just a little list of things I didn't think I would get so acquainted with while pregnant:

1. Extra Strength Rolaids - Tropical Berry flavor. One big bottle is by the bed., and another has to be in my purse at all times.
2. Trader Joes Lip Balm - gotta have it - or my lips shrivel. One by the bed, one in my purse, one in the bathroom cabinet, one in the car! One in my bag for the hospital!
3. Thin Pads - for a tiny amount of leakage. Need I say more? augh.
4. Pillows - I need 4-5 of them to prop me up to sleep on at night ( to avoid acid reflux if I can ) and one in between my legs like a body pillow. I have a body pillow but it wasn't very comfy because it's made of some poly blend and makes me sweat like crazy...not good for pregnant gals.
5. Nightmares - then waking up to Jerry giving me a kiss and telling me he loves me. This happens all the time. It's not fun and then - it's fun! Last nights dream was a dooozy. Then I got a nice hug and a kiss and a whisper that he loves me.
6. Toilet Paper - how many times can a gal get up to pee at night.....good grief!
7. slip on shoes - I never thought I'd buy these -but they are necessary!
8. tv( food channel, E!, bravo, Movie channels, Comedy channel etc.! ), tivo, internet, facebook, blogging, e-mail, txting, iphone and phone.
9. the inside of our house - especially the couch.
10. what it's like to drop things on the floor and just leave them until Jerry gets home since it hurts to bend over. So I am acquainted with walking around the things I drop.
11. Annie's gluten free Macaroni and Cheese, Microwaved for 4 minutes - then stirred - then another 3 minutes. Why do I know this by heart?!
12. worrying. I guess with pregnancy comes the jewish mother instinct of worrying about everything. Oy. ie: did that piece of lettuce get washed enough? Am I drinking enough water? What if the bath water was too hot? If I use this deoderant will it hurt the baby? I haven't felt him move much in there is he ok? What if I didn't eat enough veggies (ie: I didn't eat any is that a problem? ) What salad dressing can I actually eat that doesn't have raw egg in it? When can I have that Cesar Salad again???
13. being tired
14. letting Jerry take care of Everything with a capital E.
15. Missing my friends and being alone a lot during the day.
16. Being amazed that I am pregnant!
17. That feeling a kick or movement in my belly would make me feel so connected to the baby but also so far away because I can't tell what the heck is going on in there and he can't send me a memo.
( he just kicked me after I wrote that !!!! )
18. Red Meat.
19. Milk
20. Sugar and wheat! What the heck?
21. baking - who knew that "nesting" for me meant breaking out the standing mixer and throwing around the cupcake trays!
22. What sunrise looks like
23. What it looks like at 3am in the living room with no lights on.
24. What it feels like on the front porch at 5am
25. Falling more in love with my husband. How is that possible?!

I think he is just getting home now from work and from picking up our dinner - yes - you guessed it -
a well done cheeseburger, a side salad, and a side of fries and a piece of cake of his choice.
We are splitting it all. We've taken up splitting our meals when we eat out and it seems to help my tummy with the acid reflux - plus I just don't have the room anymore, and it saves us money, and if he is still hungry - he can microwave - MAC AND CHEESE!


Katye said...

Yes the progression of days is interesting...and the new things you get used to facinating. I haven't watched this much TV (CSI season 4 baby!) in years!

I commend you for putting up with all the aches, pains and more pains with such grace and steadfastness.

I did have to LOL on the dropping things on the floor issue...I SO want to do that with BP but they wouldn't get picked up unless I ask him. Better to just get on down there.

I keep trying to train the freaking cats to retrieve...darned animals.

Now I want a hamburger...sheesh!

Catherine Just said...

You still crack me up Katwah!

Oh - I do have to ask Jerry to pick stuff up. I don't want him to think I just left it there on accident or to add to the mess! But he knows I can't bend over anymore. Give it a month - and then you won't mind asking him to pick it up for you because it hurts more to bend! Sometimes I try and i keep learning the same lesson over and over...!

Those cats need to be trained! Sheesh. My girl has ADD so she would only care about it for about 2 seconds and then is off staring at some other sparkly thing or napping.

Have fun with CSI!
My rear hurts from sitting on the couch!