Friday, January 30, 2009

the things I will miss about being pregnant

1. feeling him move around in my belly!
2. thinking about everything I eat as "eating for 2 "
3. watching my belly grow which is also watching our baby grow.
4. nesting
5. carrying around our little baby with out using my hands!
6. pregnancy massage from Jerry or anyone I can pay!
7. dreaming about what the little guy will be like and how our lives will change when he comes
8. taking the monthly photo of my belly
9. posting on the blog about all the changes going on during this time.
10. bonding with other pregnant friends
11. learning how to hear people's unsolicited advice and opinions and getting more vocal about the fact that - that isn't ok.
12. getting smiled at from strangers.
13. feeling special out in public - and getting treated that way. Who doesn't like being special!
14. eating everything I want to and not having any consequences for that behavior!
15. chocolate chip ice cream on a sugar cone from Buster's in South Pasadena.
16. wheat, dairy and sugar ( do you notice a theme here? )
17. bagels with cream cheese
18. eating anywhere I want to and being able to order from all parts of the menu.
19. Jerry playing the butler
20. Jerry taking out the trash every time.
21. Jerry making me dinner more often.
22. Jerry running to the store for me. ( yet another theme! )
23. Jerry and I sharing a cupcake.
24. Jerry cleaning the cat box and feeding the cat every day. ( yes he did this every day! )
25. Jerry rubbing pregnancy lotion on my belly.
26. Jerry talking to the baby through my belly.
27. Jerry and I singing to the baby through my belly.
28. wearing the same pants and having an excuse.
29. wearing tops that hug the belly and being proud to show off how big it's getting.
30. the end of the perky breasts......NO!!!!!!!!!!
31. having my cat lay on the belly and purr.....helping of course.
32. Having a reason to stay home on the couch and really do nothing.
33. The quiet of doing nothing, and not having to figure out what's next.
34. Not working. and having that be ok.
35. Not having a schedule.
36. No one waking me up to change a diaper.
37. No crying in the house unless it's me after a bad acid reflux/vomiting moment.
38. sleeping in until I feel like getting up.
39. time to write on this blog.
40. feeling rested and knowing that if I'm not I can take a nap any time of day.

I'm sure more will be revealed as I miss them.


Jump Mama Jump said...

Oh, I love this list! I found your blog via Girls Gone Child.

1. I really, really loved that feeling of him in my belly, and I wish I got more video of his little somersaults through my skin.
2. I'm breastfeeding and still eat for two! In fact, I eat way more now than I did in the last few months I was pregnant- more room!
11. Oh man, get ready for even more unsolicited advice! Except now people do it in this really passive aggressive way... "Hi baby, aren't you cold? You should tell your mom she needs to put socks on your little feet!"
13. You'll get a whole bunch of attention now, with a little tiny baby-- actually, let me rephrase that: HE'LL get a ton of attention, and people will forget you're even there. Haha!
30. Yup. And, oddly, end of my perky butt. I have no idea what happened!
32., 33., 36.-40. Yes! I miss this the most, I think. My time being MY time. Never again.

You're almost done with this chapter! The next is pretty rad. Have fun!

Katye said...

Great list Chika...

There are quite a few things I will miss as well, but I'm getting into that "feeling full" stage and would rather do without.

I do have to say, I have never felt healthier in my life. I will work hard to keep that feeling around, for both of us AND the babydaddy!

(I'm having cupcakes at my shower and thinking of you! How did your's go? Pictures! Pictures!)

Catherine Just said...

Hi Jump Mama Jump! Thanks for stopping by my blog! So great to meet other mama's out there. Love to hear how we have these things in common and your experiences with the little baby make me laugh too. Can't wait to figure out how to handle the passive aggressive advice from those people telling my baby to tell me to put on more layers on him. What the heck is that about!
Katye - I feel the opposite of the healthiest I've ever been. I feel like I have fallen to the dark side of food and health and can't wait to get back to feeling on track - except for the part of me that CAN wait and wants another choc chip ice cream cone from Buster's coffee shop!

Thanks for stopping by.