Tuesday, February 3, 2009

momversation about breastfeeding vs. formula

ok so here is another momversation that I really loved this morning.
All about breast feeding vs formula and all the opinions out there.
Another opportunity to say that whatever I decide to do or can do based on how my baby responds, how my milk comes in or doesn't come in - is none of your business. Unless you support me no matter what happens.

Just another *@&*# ( bleeping ) opportunity for growth as they say up in portland! and down here in LA.

I'm learning quickly that the opinions will never end - only get worse when the little dude arrives. How fun for everyone!


Katye said...

It's an interesting discussion. I know that the popular culture has swung wildly in it's opinion of breastfeeding vs formula. It wasn't 80 years ago that there were still wet nurses and the rich NEVER breastfed. Now it's the rich that see it as something holistic and the poor (often working mother) doesn't get the same chance to stay home and nurse. Or have an expensive pump and nurse.

There is a facinating article on the boob vs. the milk (and how both are important) in the New Yorker. It's amazing how we change culturally and people just think it's their opinion. Nope...you got it somewhere!

Here is a link to the article:

Keep on keeping on with the run to birth!

Catherine Just said...

thanks for the link to that article.
I know that when I was born the thought was that formula was better then breast milk. So everyone I know was bottle fed including me - and we all turned out ok I'm thinking!

I think the interesting thing again is that people still think it's ok to state opinions when it's not their business.
unless we asked of course!


Katye said...

I think that just happens all the time because folks just have their mouthes open without thinking about it.

I think we are just particularly sensitive to the issue given our fragile, overly emotional, tenuous state. /barf

Catherine Just said...


you - fragile!


I think I'm just sensitive as per my usual!

I'm in the "back off buddy! " stance at all times!

Learning that everyone is just trying to "help" in their own way and that no one is really wrong - it's just that the delivery of the opinions and suggestions is not very thoughtful most of the time.

ok ok ok ok ok
I say it all the time - I'm so over myself!