Tuesday, February 3, 2009

baby shower recap

©Catherine Just Seiner
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Baby Seiner Baby Shower - Feb 1st, 2009 at our casa.

Here is a little photo collage I made to sum up my favorite parts of the shower. I took these photos today of all the rituals we did together. Luckily my friend Amy took lots of photos too during the shower and I'll post those later - with a view of who all was there.

In this collage we have:
1. a portion of the invitation that Amy designed - isn't that adorable? And she is so smart she took the crowns from our wedding invite and incorporated them into the design. smarty!
2. heart candles for each guest. Amy is going to e-mail everyone when I go into labor and then each gal is asked to light their candle to send light out our way as a prayer during the birthing process.
3. Prayer stick. Each woman was asked to pick a ribbon and tie it to a branch that Jerry and I took from our pomagranate tree out back. Each ribbon represents a prayer for the baby from each woman, and will be put in the baby room.
4. Magic Beads. Each woman picked a favorite bead and put it on a necklace for me. The bead represented them, and the wish or prayer they had for me, the baby, and Jerry. I put it on and will wear it for the rest of the pregnancy and through the labor so that they are all with me during this time.

( I love the photo out of focus - you can see the love and magic bouncing off of it)

5. Instead of having to share with the room what the bead represented - each woman wrote down their thoughts on a card that I got to read after the shower and will put in the baby book.
6. Onsies. Each gal painted a onsie with fabric puffy paint when they got to the shower - and hung them with clothes pins out front to dry. Each time we put one of these on the little dude we will remember the person who painted it and giggle. I personally love the one that says " I might barf " cracks me up.
7. mini cupcakes. Ok so I was pretty much in charge of the dessert and HAD to have Violet's cupcakes. Best I've ever had. The mini's were a perfect size. In this photo you can see all three flavors. red velvet with a cream cheese frosting, brownie bomb, and oreo. So YUMMY.

Lots of people chipped in and brought food to share - we had quiche, egg souffle, veggie plate, salad with poppyseed dressing, salmon dip, cheese, fresh fruit, brownies, godiva, crackers, bagels and cream cheese, coffee, tea, water.
It was a really amazing spread and I'm so glad that it was made from friends of mine because it made it that much more personal.

I felt surrounded by loving friends and family. Jerry showed up at the end and a moment later my dad and their dog Simon joined in too.

I'll share photos of the actual day very soon.
A big fat kiss to all the gals that came out. I love you all and I can't wait to introduce you to the little dude!!!
And thank you to the two hosts, Amy and Kirsten! Great baby shower ladies!!!
And thank you to my mama for the great idea of the necklace and bringing all the pretty beads. Love my necklace.
And thank you papa Jerry - for being the best husband and friend on the planet. Thank you for helping us create a beautiful space to have the shower in. I love you. I adore you. I am grateful you are you.

p.s. I just ate a left over mini cupcake and now the little guy has hiccups in my belly!


mary catherine said...

i love the candles idea!

hope you had a wonderful shower!

Catherine Just said...

thanks MC!
We did have a fabulous time. it was just way too fast for me!

wish you were there too!