Sunday, February 22, 2009

can't get enough of you (and why I love my iphone....)

Augh - I want to eat you !

You are scrumptious.
angel baby.

and about that iphone.
who knew it would come in so handy!
we use it as our alarm to wake us every 2-3 hours for feedings.
to time my breast pump sessions
to take photos all day and night of Max with ease
to check e-mail in the palm of my hand instead of getting up and going across the room to the computer. I can stay with Max and know if I've got mail.
to update facebook easily.
I can do so much while I'm stuck on my glider chair attached to the breast pumping machine.

I think every new parent should go home with their baby and an iphone.
It has been SO handy in so many ways.

I love taking a photo and then instantly sending it to my parents at 5am and knowing that when they wake up they will see Max in all his glory and all I did was push a button - and then hit send.

As a professional photographer - I know I'm "suppose" to use my pro gear. But the thought gives me hives. I don't want to take the photo, download it, convert it to the size small enough for e-mail, and then send it.
The iphone is a one stop shop. No fuss.

So while I'm oooo-ing and ah-ing over our new son Max I can capture him so easily.
The one thing I wish was that the camera on the phone was faster at opening and at taking the photo. I've missed a few because of that...but hey - it's still fabulous.

Enjoy all the iphone photos from this week.

Max is changing so fast it's unbelievable.
He opens his eyes a lot more now so it feels like we are getting to know another being now instead of just a little play toy.

Love you Max! you and papa are still sleeping and I am busy looking online for a better sleeping arrangement for you, and more swaddling blankets to wrap you in.

Today is the Ocsars. That was almost your name. Oscar Seiner. Sounds crazy now! Max is so PERFECTLY you!


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