Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Max you are 3 weeks old today! Yipeeee!

Happy 3 week birthday Max!

This week you are opening your eyes more and more - although the photos just show you sleeping ! But that peeking photos is so YOU right now. When the lights are dim or out you open your eyes wide and you look around. You look at us and seem to be assessing the situation - then you close your eyes again.

Things we are finding out about you:

1. your feet are growing at lightening speed!
2. you love being held. You still pass out when I shooch you, and you still love being swaddled. All good good good!
3. everyone that meets you is overwhelmed by how adorable you are.
4. your grandparents are proud to know you and all of them met you this past week.
5. you are eating more this week - up to 60-80 milliliters of food each feeding.
6. I'm sure you could hit a tin can at 20 paces with the way you've been peeing on us whenever we change you !
7. you sleep longer if we feed you more....good to know at 3am!
8. your curiosity about the world is growing as you open your eyes more.
9. your poop smells like cream of broccoli soup or something just as offensive and somehow we don't mind it one bit!
10. you are already outgrowing your little preemie onsies. YAY!!!!!
11. I just love all of your facial expressions - the way you purse your lips just kills me every time.
12.he loves his papa!

Things I am noticing now that I am no longer carrying Max in my belly:
1. I can bend over and pick things up off the ground again.
2. I can put on my own pants without assistance.
3. I can sleep through the night without extra strength Rolaids!
4. I can sleep without a mountain of pillows propping me up
5. I can eat whatever cheese I feel like eating. I can eat cesar salads again. I can eat everything!
6. People don't look at me and smile at me because of the belly anymore - ie: I'm no longer 'special' or treated differently because of the belly - however I feel special because I belong to Max now.
7. I no longer have an excuse to eat an ice cream cone at Buster's all the time. And now I am craving the old food plan I was eating before I was pregnant, and craving getting back into those jeans I was wearing then as well!
8. I can take the trash out again.
9. I can pick up heavy things without worrying.
10. I can take a scaulding hot bath and shower now and not worry about harming the baby in the belly.
11. I can drive with the seatbelt on in the usual way and not have to tug on it to get it to fit right.
12. I don't waddle anymore. ( well i do a little because my thighs are still huge )
13. There is a very small part of me that misses being pregnant because I have already forgotten how uncomfortable I was then. hence this list!

I'm sure more will reveal itself.

Looking forward to hearing about Katye, Tania, Alyssa's pregnancies, birth stories, and baby news!!!
And I'm glad it's no longer me! I'm on the other side now - drinking up all the cuteness that is our baby.

I keep having these moments where I realize that my life is perfect. Just the way it is. I don't have any desire right now for something else or other. I have everything I need and want. I love my husband and our baby. I love the time we have together to get to know Max. I love that Jerry and I made a baby together. We dance around the house, sing, hold, feed, change the baby, watch movies all day and night, laugh, love, kiss, hold, and notice. I feel more in the moment then usual. Although I am still addicted to internet, blogging, facebook, and my iphone which isn't really "here" it's out there somewhere. It's a small fragment of all that is going on in our warm home right now.

I love being in this little bubble of love.

I love Max
I love Jerry
I love my life.

Thank you Max for choosing us.
Happy Birthday to you!

p.s. the photos on the bed were totally fabricated. I swaddled Max and placed him there and took the photos. He wasn't sleeping on a mountain of pillows. Just in case you were concerned. But Jerry was sleeping until I got up on the bed with the camera - he just didn't want to move or look.


mary catherine said...

so gorgeous...beautiful boy!

Catherine Just said...

thank you MC ! we agree with you on that one!!!!!

Amy Meszaros said...

I wish I could come up with something better than CUTE! every time I see him, but that is the truth and I'm sticking with it!!!!!!

Catherine Just said...

I know what you mean. But CUTE is the BEST WORD EVER !

Alyssa said...

Happy 3 week birthday, Max! You sure are cute!

Katye said...

Not sure how I missed this post but I have to say...Jerry is just a cute as Max!

Socked out papa! Woot!