Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Max - you are one week old!!!

you are one week old today!
Time is flying by!
You light up our lives in a way we never expected. I love you so much that I can't stop kissing you even when you are sleeping. I can't stop staring at your beautiful face and I love holding you. I love it when you open your eyes and peek at us. I love singing to you - especially when your papa sings along with me. I can't imagine my life without you!

This week you had a field trip to the hospital to deal with jaundice. You were hooked up to a lot of wires and had to wear eye protection and sit in an incubator with tanning lights on you for 2 days. Papa and I stayed with you and slept in the room. Couldn't imagine what that was like for you. It looked uncomfortable - and I wanted to climb in there with you and hold you tight. You are a total trooper and made it through. We were so happy to hear that you were on the mend - and our efforts to feed you more formula paid off. We spoke with a lactation consultant who is helping us figure out the best way to work as a team with you to get the breast milk in sync with you. You've seen your pediatrician already, and are heading back on Friday.
Your Grandparents Rich and Dee Dee came up to visit you and Grandma Dee Dee is on her way up again tomorrow to help out. Grandma Marty is coming next week. You are surrounded by love!

We love getting to know you - and I would say so so so much more but we have to go to sleep now because we need to get up in an hour an a half to feed you again. You are on a feeding schedule of
1. change diaper
2. feed
3. burp
4. put you back to bed
5. pump milk.

every 2-3 hours.
all day and night.
gotta catch some zzzzzz's.

I love that when I start to shoosh you - you fall asleep immediately.
I love that you don't mind a lot of noise around you when you are sleeping.
I love that you are such a sweet boy with a peacefulness about you.
I love Max Harrison Seiner.
So much more to say.......but sleep calls me.....

Happy Birthday mr. one week old. You just energize us with your presence and we adore you.



Katye said...

I love hearing you love on that sweet little baby boy! It's inspiring and makes me get excited to meet mine.

You two are totally awesome! Your take on life, your unbounding love, your sweetness to share such a perfect little thing with us. ONE WEEK! Out of a whole lifetime of amazingness...what an accomplishment!


Catherine Just said...

thank you kt!

We feel filled up with love for this little guy and I can't wait to hear all about your adventures in parenthood.

my heart now lives outside my body!