Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Letter to Friends and Family

We decided to send this letter out to friends and family to let them know about Max - his diagnosis - and his personality to this point. It was a great way to share news with a lot of people at once and get LOTS of love and support that we really loved receiving.

Here it is:

Hi there friends and family!~

We wanted to give you all an update on our little Max.

Born Feb 4th, 2009
at 7:10am

6 pounds and 19.5 inches

He was a dream to give birth to and a doll to live with! We've been a bit behind in sending out announcements or calling or e-mailing because he was a month early and we weren't totally prepared for him yet! So in between feeding and diapering every 2 hours all day and night - we are trying to maximize our "down time" by putting together the crib, getting the changing table, buying wipes, and writing thank you cards. Please forgive us if you haven't heard from us - we are still catching up and learning all that it is to raise a baby!

I wrote out the details of the birth experience on my blog if you are interested. It was an amazing event that I actually laughed through - and had one of the easiest and funniest births I've ever heard of. Funny because it was fast and painless. The total opposite of what I expected.

here is the link

He is an adorable, quiet, peaceful baby.
We found out that Max has Down Syndrome and we are feeling even more
blessed that he picked us to be his parents!
We are finding that we much prefer support and love instead of sadness about his diagnosis so please be gentle if you feel like responding.
We are excited by the idea of creating an environment and community that will support Max in living his best life ever and we look forward to you all being a part of that process!!

Here are some fun facts about Max on day 12 of his life:

1. He loves his head and chin rubbed.
2. He is just starting to open his eyes for brief moments.
3. He is quiet, peaceful, and doesn't mind our noise.
4. He squeeks and beeps. It's the cutest thing in the world.
5. He loves bottled formula, breast milk, and sometimes thinks dad is his mom and looks for milk there too. He is an equal opportunity eater.
6. His peek awake periods are from 2-6am and that's when he really loves to be held, sung to, and rocked. which is why we are dazed and confused!
7. He hates getting his diaper changed but at times will give us a perfect military salute while we are working away on getting him dry. It is hilarious.
8. He loves to be carried around in a sling and his papa and I love to take turns during the day "wearing" Max.
9. He loves being swaddled and shooshed and will fall to sleep immediately after these two things are done for him. LOVE THAT!
10. His parents are CRAZY about him and can't seem to get enough!!!

We have attached a few photos here of him so you can get a peek at what he looks like although he is changing daily.

More will come soon - but first we need some food, sleep and maybe a shower!

Much love,
Catherine, Jerry and Max Harrison Seiner


Lydia Marcus said...

max is just another flavor of the universe. he's going to have his own unique struggles and triumphs just like the rest of us. and he has fabulous parents to share the journey :-)

Catherine Just said...

yes I agree! totally!

Judy Dobernic said...

Max chose two of the most fun loving people I know to be his parents. He is so clever already! He has a whole big extended family out here in cyberspace loving him already. The pictures are beautiful! You are doing such a great job of expressing all the wonder and love that so many of us feel as mothers, but don't express as beautifully as you do. Enjoy every minute. Babies grow up much too quickly!