Monday, January 5, 2009

week 32! beginning of 8th month I think? 7 weeks left...

well after trying to sleep for the past 4 hours I decided it was time to get out of bed and make some tea and see if moving around might help. Having some new pains make their appearance this evening up in my rib cage and around to my back right in a nice circle of discomfort. Also - the tar like heartburn I had way back in the beginning is back tonight for the first time in a long time. I had forgotten just how tasty that is. ACK. I usually have acid reflux and that burns but this is actual goop that likes to show itself and has a really strong burn and taste to it as well. Nothing helps that go away that I have found. Marty gave me some heartburn tea for the holidays this year ( THANKS MARTY ) and I am trying it out right now. It's soothing and maybe that is all that matters right now.

Jerry goes back to work today after a 4 day holiday weekend. We took down the tree and put away all the ornaments. Worked on our wedding album ( finally ) and watched a movie, worked on the baby room, started putting dimmer switches on in the rooms where baby will be, worked on clearing more room in the garage, called pediatricians, bought new phones so we have more of them and moved our current one out of the baby room, etc etc. Lots of small adjustments. I was more like a list maker then an actual helper bee on some of these assignments but it's nice to work as a team to get this stuff done.

Jerry is starting a time change for office hours so that when baby comes he won't be at the office until 7:30pm anymore. ( and 7:30 is EARLY compared to what it was like when we first met - he was getting home around 9 or 10pm most nights back then so it's slowly been improving ).
he is getting himself and the troops that work with him used to a 9-6 schedule instead of 10-7:30 schedule. When he gets off work at 7:30 I usually see him at home by around 8pm or 8:30 depending on traffic.
It's going to mean that he has to drive in a much more dense traffic situation both ways - but that he will be home sooner to hopefully get some baby time before the little dude goes to sleep. It may also help me to get out a little more at night once in a while to see friends and go to my meetings. Not that this is going to happen right away but a meeting at night once in a while after I get used to the new dude in the house might be a nice thing to break up my own schedule as well. I will do a baby hand off and head out.

Here is a photo of what he looks like according to

Apparently he is the weight of a large Jicama but my back thinks it's more like the weight of 5 large jicamas. Good lordy.
My back has had enough and is really tight down in the lower areas which makes me shuffle around a lot these days. Going to get another massage soon. Like probably next weekend!
( thank you for the holiday money mom and pop! my back thanks you! )

Jerry and I decided to not have a Briss or a Baptism since it wouldn't really be fair to put this on the little guy since we aren't religious and we don't want to start creating situations that don't work for both of us as a team effort. Maybe we will create our own little ritual and ceremony for him when he gets home. A sage burning, tea drinking, prayer flag hanging event of some sort. oh that sounds soothing doesn't it?

Earlier tonight Jerry and I were watching the comedy channel and the comedian that was up last was talking about his 5 year old son who decided to color his entire penis green with a permanent sharpie marker and then add two eyeballs on his little balls with a black marker and then everytime the parents had friend over the son couldn't wait to drop his pants and show them his green penis with eyeballs. His penis was green for 2 weeks.

Hope this post leaves you with a little chuckle of what may be in store in our future. Green penis with eyeballs and a son who is proud of his artwork.

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