Wednesday, December 31, 2008

end of year letter to the little dude

hello there little fellah,

It's the last day of 2008 and we are so excited about how this year turned out for your papa and I.
First off - it's our first year of marriage. And that alone is so exciting for us to be together but then.....drum roll please......
We got a HUGE gift in May when we found out the universe was supplying us with YOU!
Talk about icing on the cake of our lives. SHEESH. It was so surprising because I thought I might be too old to get pregnant - but looking down at my huge belly I apparently was wrong!
We've had a nice time together you and I so far. I love sharing my food with you, and being a vessel for you to grow in. What a total trip. I love feeling you move and you kick so hard now that it makes me laugh. People can see my belly moving from across the room now and no one feels nervous about asking me when I'm due - lots of strangers are curious about you.
I gave us a pregnancy massage followed by a milk bath with jets in the bath and I ate oranges and bananas and wondered what you thought about the swirling water jiggling you around in the tub? I think you probably loved it. I'll be going again next month for SURE and I'm taking you with me!!
Tonight is New years Eve and we are staying home to lay low and be mellow. Your parents aren't so into being in large crowds of drunk people. Those days are over for us. Been there - done that. You'll probably go through that as well at some point, but for now we will be pampering you with power lounging.
Your papa is working today and creating a space at work so he can leave for the 1st 6 weeks of your life. I'm so excited about that. Who knew he could get Paternity leave??
We are excited to meet you next year - and learn more about who you are and what you need.
Your papa and I love you and are so excited to show you the world. Thank God Obama is in office, we live in the very warm and sunny climate, We can offer you a cozy home and place to rest, I have the luxury right now of being home to care for you, and papa is the best human on the planet as I tend to mention from time to time so you are going to love love love being with him I'm certain. We plan to surround you with other loving humans, fun little beings your size, animals, laughter, love, light, fun, joy, music, dancing, giggling, and all the other emotions that we enjoy having. Yes - little dude you are allowed to share your feelings and emotions here.
p.s. I'm watching your grandfathers favorite movie right now " Ferris Buellers Day off " and wondering if you will be anything like the main character in this movie. Or like your grandfather who likes the wackiest movies, like Animal House, Knocked Up, and Pretty Woman.
too funny!

love you little bean, tomato, bagel, dude!

Happy new year!!


Dear little dude,

We're about to start the year you will be born - 2009. I think it's a nice year to be born. If you're on time you still have a couple of months before B-Day. Take your time. No hurries. Life happens on its own schedule. As much as we try to control it, we're often just along for the ride. So for now kick back, relax and enjoy it. We all look forward to meeting you.


Your Dad

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