Thursday, December 18, 2008

monthly belly photo and comparison!

Good morning to you on this Sunny 18th of December!
yep It's photo taking time on the 18th so Jerry woke up early to try to chase the sun before it lit up the entire front porch. Notice how far back I'm standing this time because of the sunshine. It's interesting to see how the sun moves all year as we take these photos at about the same time.

I love that we decided to take a photo every month on the same day and then to put them all in a row so I can see the difference in the belly. I do have more of these from earlier in the year and at some point I'll make a very long image with all the monthly shots side by side from June until the 9th month - but I don't think it will fit on the blog!!!!

Feeling good this morning. Woke up at about 5am. WOW - I just felt the little baby bean adjust himself in there. It's crazy how much more I feel him these days.

Lets see - baby update:
Not feeling as many food aversions as I did in the beginning. Now I'll eat just about anything although we tried salmon the other day and I don't think I'll be eating that again for a LONG LONG time. Oh god. Can hardly think about it.
I'm still counting the days until I can eat a cesear salad made fresh at the table. I chose to stay away from raw eggs. It's on the list of no no's but a lot of people still eat them in stuff like dressing, and mayo, but I just haven't. Extra firm scrambled please. thank you! The current things I want to eat are:

Turkey, avocado, bacon sandwich from heirloom bakery with the crust cut off.
Oh my mouth is watering now!

Ginger tea

Toast with cream cheese ( i'm eating ezeikel wheat / gluten free bread )


Milk ( but not as much as the first trimester. )

fruit - anything. Love all of it. never seem to have enough.

salads - although I'm usually disappointed because I can't have any of that good moldy cheese on it - no feta - no blue.


grilled cheese sandwiches. ( oh I may have to make one of those for breakfast! Sounds good. With a sliced tomato in there )

What else?
Sleeping better - less acid reflux ( knock on wood )
Probably because I'm eating earlier in the evening and figuring out what triggers more of it. I still have it - but it isn't as bad right now. I hear it is suppose to get WORSE now so I'm trying my best to alleviate it some.

Need less pillows then I did before. I start with 5 of them and then by the middle of the night I have 2.

Walking slower. Have pretty intense lower back pain and on top of it pretty intense ciatic pain on both sides. Feels like my back is super tight and can hardly work it out at this point.

Not swollen. Which I guess is not normal for pregnancy. Still waiting for the pregnancy puff to take hold.

TIred again. Have very little energy to do anything but eat and rest and blog and read, and knit once in a while with short spurts of energy to get a project done like making gluten free cupcakes!

That's IT!
I'm taking a class tomorrow to learn how to knit a baby sweater - should be fun??? NOt so sure that it will be fun. I don't really enjoy thinking while knitting and I think it may require that I pay attention - so we'll see. Also going to make a trio of knitted hats. One of Jerry, One for me, and one for the little pumpkin.

Not much more to share!
Have a great day.
c + big belly


christina said...

this is great. i havent checked out the blog yet-love it!!!!! looking good lady!!! xoxo christina

Katye said...

Cutie patootie with the belly! You look all tanned and moisturized!

Sorry to hear about the Acid Reflux still bothering you....I'll take my swollen ankles any day of the week over that!

I am hoping that the energy level keeps up for me through tax'll be a long one if I am exhaused all the time. But hey, at the other end is 3ish or more months off. Ahhhh!

Catherine Just said...

hey Christina! Thanks for stopping by the blog! Can't wait to see you on waffle party day!

and yes - Kt, I hope you never have this acid reflux thing. It's no fun for anyone - but especially for me.
I hope your energy keeps up as well. I'm an old lady so I was already tired! HA!

Love that photo Purdue made for you - that is hilarious.