Sunday, December 14, 2008

sitting in the festivus lights

Well - yesterday was one of my all time favorite days ever.
We slept in until around 10:30am.
Love that. ( and yes I know those days are numbered )
Jerry made us breakfast: scrambled eggs, waffles, grapefruit juice, tea
lounged around until lunch time
Went to Heirloom Cafe and shared a turkey, avocado, applewood smoked bacon sandwich and a cup of cream of carrot soup.
Oh my goodness. DELICIOUS.
Then went and bought our first tree together. That was so fun. Especially for me!
Came home and put up our tree,
Bought a few items to help us with our tree - tree topper, tree skirt, tree lights ( in blue of course ).
Went to a baby store and talked with them about our stroller and which car seat works with it. This was enlightening. PLUS while we were there we found the BEDDING I WANT for the nursery. I didn't think they made this particular design into bedding - so when I saw it I flipped!
Went to dinner and shared an amazing gourmet cheeseburger at the Crocodile Cafe.
Put lights on the tree ( Jerry got to teach me how that is all done! ), added Jerry's ornaments from his childhood which was SO cool. His grandma really got into making ornaments. Listened to a mix of hanukkah and christmas and klezmer music ( unless the word jesus was in the song - if so I'd forward to the next one, luckily most were songs by harry connick jr. or frank sinatra and not very religious, just festive. ) And watched pretty girl figure out what the heck that tree thing was doing INSIDE the house. She was a bit curious. Luckily she's too old to jump on the tree or get to flipped out, however - the tree skirt has proved to be a new wind up the cat toy for her. She slides around on it and thinks something is underneath it and attacks it.
Also - during our power lounging afternoon - we watched a lot of the food network. They had holiday dinner recipes all afternoon - and we were trying to figure out what our tradition is going to be for the holidays.
So far we have the festivus tree with blue lights. A blue stocking and green stocking, a menorah, an advent calender which I have never taken part in and am enjoying trying to find the numbers and feeding Jerry the chocolate, today I'm making ginger molasses cupcakes which may become an annual thing. And we saw a holiday meal that looked like a good one called 20 garlic brisket. Um, YES! So we might try that one out this year and see if it's a winner.
Our house feels festive and I love it.
Jerry is excited to have his very first tree up
and I am excited to merge our traditions into one big happy festival at our own house this year. Jerry is happy about it too. It's nice to visit family but we've never had our own traditions started so it's nice to figure out right before baby joins in on it - what we as a family want to do and how we want to have it expressed in our home. Jerry has one more week of work and then 2 weeks off. It's going to be baby prep time big time. And a lot of power lounging, tea drinking, recipe experimenting, and working on a baby sweater, a baby quilt ( jerry is helping with that ), and enjoying our time together without a schedule.
Joy to the World - we get to create whatever holiday we want!
I love that 2 people can come together and be happy about each others holiday and want each person to have whatever they want and find some way to express those things in the same home. Sounds like more world peace under one roof if you ask me.
And no we aren't converting to one religion or the other. We aren't religious. Spiritual is more like it.
our neighbor needs to know how we are going to raise our baby. ( she is very religious )
I tell her "with love".
I think that's the best religion out there.

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