Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Hanukkah Song for our little bagel

Dearest Little Bagel,

Today is the first day of Hanukkah and we are starting our first year of family tradition by listening to Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song. I always loved this song. Gives me goosebumps when i listen to it. He is so funny. I hope you agree when you are older!

Then having bagels, with cream cheese, tomato, onion, capers, and smoked salmon for lunch! I wonder if you will like this stuff. I'm going to feed it to you today by default and I'll be curious to see if you kick a lot after feeding time.

Then for dinner: an easy brisket recipe I found on the, latke's and Grandma Evelyn's kugel recipe although we are going to substitute the pineapple for raisins and cinnamon. we'll make some green beans too.

it's a feast for just your papa and me. We're thinking about this being a good week for leftovers. Tomorrow we are going to take the left over brisket and shred it and make tacos!
Maybe next year we will have a Hanukkah Party and invite your Grandparents Rich and DeeDee over to play dreidel with you. And some of our other friends who have kids or who don't mind a little drool.
I wish I lived closer to Aunt Kitty in Chicago and Uncle Bix in Seattle - Grandma Joan in Hawaii - we would invite them and all of their family members over as well! What a party that would be!!! And yes all the other relatives are invited too if they can handle our little cozy house and baby smells.

At some point I'm going to try out Great Grandma Bess's Poppy seed cookie recipe. Grandma Evelyn gave it to me a few years ago and I will always remember visiting Grandma E and having these cookies. I LOVE them. I'm glad I have the recipe!

Your papa is out back cleaning out the garage to make more room for our extra things that have been stored in your baby room the past few months. We cleaned it once already but things just piled back in. Now - TOMORROW - is the beginning of the 30th week of the pregnancy. that means just 10 weeks left more or less. So we've gotta clear out that room and start the painting. Probably next weekend you will have your own room started. I doubt you will actually use it for a while - but it will be there waiting.

So put on your yarmulke it's time to celebrate Hanukkah!

Your Jewish mama is going to feed you lots of traditional Jewish foods
and your Catholic Papa is going to sing and dance for you.
I can't WAIT to watch him with you - he makes ME laugh so much I know he is going to do the same with you!

Love you little Jewish Bagel of ours!

Next Stop.....Christmas!!

Love you,

Hey Bagel!

It's very exciting to touch your mama's belly and feel you kick and twist. I can't wait to take that energy on fun adventures once you get out here. I'm certain you had the hiccups last night. Probably your first.



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