Sunday, December 7, 2008

uh oh...

here's another one to completely confuse the issue.

I like this one too because it still has the funky design but it's a softer palate.


On another note - yesterday we took an infant CPR class at the hospital. WOW. We learned a TON. I'm so glad they offer it. It's not a certification class. It's an orientation class. They said that everything we once learned in CPR is now obsolete. So I'm glad to know what the rules are and we got to practice on little plastic CPR babies. over and over and over.
We learned what to do if they choke on something - and if they stop breathing. Both are different techniques that can be intimidating at first. But with this class I feel much better. They said that anyone watching, babysitting or caring for our child should be updated on the new techniques - so that means you! Gotta get you enrolled in a class too.

After that we took a tour of the hospital - nursery, labor rooms, with about 5 other couples - all who are going to have their babies in Feb. It was nice to get a feel of where we will need to go, what the rooms look like and what to expect at the hospital. They showed us the 2 babies that were in the nursery. One was a boy that was 7 pounds with a full head of black hair and was so cute we were all oooing and "ahh"ing at him. Next to him was a 5 pound little girl. Adorable. Both were looking around and noticing us. The facial expressions were killing all of us.

They only have 4 delivery rooms. And they just don't get filled up. Most people go to the larger hospitals. So the care is very personal which we are both happy about. The place is decorated like a victorian house - or Jerry comments that it looks like bad midwestern decorating. Think Lavender floral wallpaper. I wondered if I could sneak in with a can of paint, but I have a feeling once I'm in labor the last thing I'm going to think about is how they should re-do the walls.

The waiting room is TINY - it has one sofa and 2 sofa chairs and a tv and that's all folks. Because of the size of the hospital that's really all they need - but they encouraged us to not call family until I'm actually further along in labor so people aren't standing in the hallway for hours. I guess since my family doesn't live near by it will take them a while to get there anyhow.

We learned about visiting hours as well. The scoop is that Jerry and I will be with the baby for the first hour after delivery alone with the baby. Jerry will come out and let family know that the baby is fine - and will go back in for another 30 minutes or so. Then we will let family and friends in.

They had lots of great suggestions for visiting hours that we will let family and friends know as we get closer to the due date.
During our break we headed down to town to grab some food and walked around the main street. Boy is it CUTE there. Lots of very cute shops along a street that reminds me of grand street in Escondido but with more modern shops and some old time shops. One shop is all about sugar free cookies, candy, icecream etc. Looks like a bunch of really good restaurants in the area.
Since our hospital is so small it doesn't really have great cafeteria hours so we might be calling for take out! Jerry found his all time favorite taco down the road from the hospital so I have a feeling I know where he will be going to get us food!

All in all it was a very nice tour and glad we had the CPR class as well.

Today we are staying in - I still feel under the weather - so I'm sipping ginger tea - making brown basmati rice - just finished an apple. Jerry is off buying a few groceries at the store a mile down the road - so we can make a few things today to deal with a wobbly tummy. It's cold outside - overcast - and says rain in the forecast. So I'm ok with staying in. I need to return the new coat I got in the mail that fits perfectly now but I know it won't in a month so I have to exchange it for one size up. My usual winter coat just doesn't button closed anymore with this belly. Plus it's so old it looks like I got it out of a garbage can. Nice eh?

It's also time for new shoes that slip on instead of lacing. I just can't deal with bending over myself to reach my feet right now.

So as soon as I'm feeling better I'll be heading to get a few staples in my wardrobe to help with the growing belly.

Glad we have cable and tivo. Movies galore today!


Katye said...

I still like #3 below better. Hope you are feeling better...I have been really blessed to not feel poorly this whole pregnancy. Knock on wood that I can make it through tax season (and 3rd Trimester) without a cold / flu / illness! Go go prenatals!

Amy Meszaros said...

Oooh. I kind of like the new one. It brings in new colors without clashing like the all-orange one could.

As far as eating at the hospital, we always got takeout anyway, even though our hospital had a cafeteria. It's nice you have some good stuff to choose from. Our choices were very limited!!!