Sunday, December 28, 2008

it's the last day of hanukkah

it's the last day of Hanuakkah and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even -
wait a minute

I'm up at 3am again.

Someone's car alarm went off at 3am and I never got back to sleep.
So here I am on the couch at 4:22am with my cat sitting next to me while I post a blog entry and try to bore myself back to sleep.

The photo was taken a few days back with my iphone. The menorah is on the coffee table where I spend a lot of time sitting on the couch and looking at the tree lit up and out those windows at the bright sunlight.

Jerry and I are really glad we started to have our own holiday at home this year. This year we stayed home because of the pregnancy. And we welcomed the opportunity to buy our first tree, light candles of the menorah each night, start a dinner tradition on the first night of Hanukkah, and on Christmas eve, and to relax and take our time.
Maybe today on the last day of Hanukkah we will come up with another tradition to end the holiday with.
Like - going to see a movie!
Do you know how long it's been since we've gone to one?
The pregnancy - mixed with the fact that it gets dark so early right now - makes it very hard for me to get out of the house after a certain time.

So today - we were thinking of seeing a matinee, then head back home to continue to work on our baby room, in between more rest and relaxing.

These quiet days are numbered and I am SO aware of that.

Today it's going to be about 68 degrees and sunny. Tomorrow 73 and Tuesday 74. I'm hoping to take a walk with Jerry later this morning when Jerry gets up. If not - then maybe Monday.

Gratitude list:
1. Jerry and I are having a baby!
2. We live in a warm comfortable and cozy home together on a quiet ( except for that car alarm this morning ) street with nice neighbors.
3. We live close to the rose bowl, the aquatic center, huntington gardens, and beautiful neighborhoods where I can take the little bagel on adventures.
4. I'm 7 months along now - tomorrow will be week 31, and all is well.
5. It's very quiet right now in my life - no stress at all.
6. my photography business is on radical sabbatical and I'm transitioning the business into something that feels better to me.
7. my cat likes to lay on my belly and purr - she's helping.
8. I joined mom's club and met some really great mamas already.
9. we have medical insurance ( miracle )
10. Jerry and I have a hoot of a time together

I'll stop there even though I know I could go on and on.

Life is good.
Wish I could sleep, but it certainly isn't the worst thing to deal with.

Happy Last Day of Hanukkah to the little bagel.
Looking forward to sharing these traditions with him. We want to start a family tradition of volunteering our time to help those in need as well. This year we may donate some food to a shelter - because I wasn't feeling well enough to go help out this year.

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