Sunday, December 28, 2008

7 months of belly photos

Click on the image above to make it larger so you can really see the belly!


I'm so glad Jerry took these photos for us.
It gives me something to look back on and remember what my body used to look like, what happened, and what it's like now!
No wonder it's hard for me to walk these days!
Sheeeeeeeeeeesh. ( p.s. I'm bigger now then the last photo there that was just taken 2 weeks ago....I've lost my chin...oh's gone. )

I'm glad I haven't really been bothered by gaining the weight this far - I figure it's a waste of time since - um - I'm growing a human inside of me. But just recently I've noticed that I'm getting a bit more sensitive about it. So if you see me...don't call me fatty or I'll slug you. Don't say " wow you're HUGE " or a fist might make it to your chin. What is WITH PEOPLE!?!?!

Well it's 5:36am and I've managed to utilize this time by creating this photo comparison, now I'm off to slice up an apple, make some tea, and watch as the sun rises. I may pull out a pregnancy book - but I've learned the hard way that reading about pregnancy and birth is over rated and just causes more stress. No thank you. My mind is enough for me thank you!


enjoy your Sunday.


Katye said...

You go girl! Chin or no chin, you are beautiful! Enjoy it now for you'll just lose it later. It's just weight...we have all been up and down. As long as the peanut gets what it needs to make all the appropriate junk to live a healthy, productive life...screw 'em!

However, you DO live in LA. So you might want to warm up that right cross. I double dog DARE you to slug some skinny douchebag that makes a comment about your weight without any explaination. AWESOMNESS!

Catherine Just said...

Oh my god you are cracking me up!