Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Update

hello there.
Hope you are enjoying this fabulous Friday. It's gorgeous outside here in LA. My cat is laying on the porch soaking up the sun, I am staying in as I am still in recovery mode from 3 weeks of feeling sick. Today is better - just not yet 100%

Today's news:

Had a monthly routine check up this morning with our baby doctor.

here are the stats:

baby heartbeat is 142 ( normal and adorable )
He predicts that I will have a 7 lb baby. Guess we can review this in a few months and see if he is right.
My blood pressure is 110 over 88 ( normal )
I'm slightly anemic and suggested taking one iron pill per day.
And I've gained 5 pounds in the last month which is normal.
Since the first day I found out I was pregnant I've gained ( drum roll please ) 32 lbs.

Luckily most of that weight is showing in my belly and not in my rump!

We asked the dr. if there would be any reason that they would make Jerry step out of the room during the labor.
He said if I choose to get an Epidural I have to leave the room for when they are putting the needle in ( incase he faints )
And if I do a C-Section he has to leave when they are prepping for the surgery. ( can I leave too? )

So that's the scoop. No more ultrasounds just listening to the heartbeat to make sure he is ok in there and paying attention to his activity in the belly. RIght now he is sticking his head up near my belly button and there is a hard round spot there. Well it's either his head or his little butt, or an elbow....I'm sticking with it being his cute round head. Nicer visual.
He's also running in place and doing some jazzercise. He just drank some milk and cereal that I fed the two of us so he is a happy fella.

In other news - I am deep in baby registry creation.
It's a lot more tedious then wedding registries because I don't know about any of this stuff so it gets overwhelming pretty fast.
Right now I'm trying to decide on bedding for the crib. Why do things like this trip me up and other things don't at all? It's funny.

I'm posting some choices here to see if you have any thoughts on them? We still aren't sure about what to paint the room
but I was leaning toward a light green of some sort and doing blue wall decals. So if we stick with that idea - then the orange bedding would look terrible.

anyhow - I'm off to sit on the porch with my cat and sip tea.

Would love bedding feedback or if you know of some organic bedding for cribs that is super cute that you want me to see - I'm open to looking at it!



Alyssa said...

NUMBER 1! So cute! I am biased, though. I love anything with a polka dot.

Catherine Just said...
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Catherine Just said...

Thanks Alyssa!

Nicole said...

i love the first and third ones. the first one is perfect, but the third is awesome and unusual.

Catherine Just said...

Thank NIcole!!

Katye said...

I'm voting for the 3rd one. I think you have lots of ways to paint / decorate with this one.

All of them are super cute tho...

Catherine Just said...

thanks for your 2 cents kt. I'm deeply leaning that direction....

Beth Redick said...

i think you should go with the 3rd one if you are doing the light green with blue decals. it is funky and fresh!

Amy Meszaros said...

I like the first and third ones. I think I would normally lean toward number three, but today I am feeling number one. I love the orange, but the color scheme you're talking about takes it out of the running for me. Can't wait to see!

Catherine Just said...

Jerry likes #1 best. I like #3 best but do still like #1 as well. If I was going with #1 I'd have to re-think painting the walls green. Too much green even for me!
Oy. The joys of decorating. But it's so much more fun when others give their two sense so thank you!

DeeDee said...

I like 3 cause it looks like it's reversible and if Beeby Seiner gets bored, you can turn the bumper to the other side. they are all very cute tho and he'd probly like anything you picked for him.