Monday, December 29, 2008

week 31 update

ok I tried to upload a photo from baby center of how the baby looks this week but it just wouldn't do it so Here is a photo of the so called size and weight - 4 navel oranges.
Feels more like a bag of oranges in there - like say 10 of em.
All rolling around - keeping me from getting a full breath of air.

Week 31 starts today.
Today was a good day.
So sunny and hot it felt like the first day of Spring or Summer. Something about the light made me smile almost the entire day.
I headed to an old favorite place and had their granola with berries on top. Oh was it tasty.
Then - I got one of there salads to go and had that for lunch with a ( drum roll please ) turkey burger that I made here
just like the days before my pregnancy. Salad and turkey burger. That's all I ever ate for lunch. I had an aversion to veggies for the past 6.5 months and anything I ever ate before I got pregnant was not an option. Made me just feel cold inside.
So today was momentous with the food. ( other then the 2 choc. chip cookies and 1 hard boiled egg I had when I woke up ! - um wow )

Last night we went to see the movie MILK and I had a hard time breathing. The seats were stadium seats and for some reason it was just the perfect angle for me to have even LESS air then I already have. And my feet went cold and I was dizzy and lightheaded. So after an hour we had to leave. I never saw the end of the movie. Once I got up and walked around I was much better. But sitting is becoming a breathing hazard.
Luckily at home I don't experience it so much on the couch as I do in chairs. So guess where I am most of the time!

Thinking about the baby room....and which decals to get.
I'm thinking this tree is in our future....

along with some others I'll post later

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