Tuesday, December 30, 2008

8 weeks?

um, I was just looking at a calendar and it looks like if the baby is born on March 2nd or during that week that we only have 8 weeks left.





so to distract myself I'm getting my first pregnancy massage and milk bath at Burke Williams Day Spa in Pasadena tomorrow.
All paid for by glorious friends and family. THANK YOU !!!

What a nice way to end 2008 and move into this last trimester - or as I am now calling it " Birth watch 2009 "

Will he be early? Will he be late?
Any guesses out there????

My friend Amy told me that the baby could be born as late as March 16th! Which is fine by me if he needs more time in the belly. The grandparents are starting to make requests for visits - not sure if the little dude will accomodate everyone's schedule's but we will see!

Today I bought him his first 5 years Baby Book,
what to expect the first year
the vaccines book ( which jerry will read and give me the cliff notes on )
and a book recommended by the hospital that covers all things baby.

On the 2nd of Jan we will start our search for our Pediatrician.

Looking into the 3D ultrasound - might do that in the next few weeks.

Little Dude's papa just got home from work - it's 9pm and he needs to have his dinner and have his power lounge time on the couch so I'm going to go and kiss him now.


Katye said...

Wahooo!!! Eight weeks! That leaves me at a terrifying 12 weeks! Give or take 5, LOL.

All I can say is, what an experience girlie...what an experience it's gonna be!

Happy new year! I am looking forward to all the new little people we'll have it it

Catherine Just said...

Yes e.i.g.h.t.
Now I'm on the track of pregnancy massages - milk baths, and pampering pampering pampering!

Katye said...


Catherine Just said...

don't be jealous - go get a pregnancy massage girl!