Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Saw this at a baby store and fell in love.
So I added it to our registry.

The strange beigey color on the walls and on the bedding is actually more of a green color then it shows in the photo.
It's really cute bedding. Sorry to have you all poll for your favorite one only to then change it completely.
i'm sure you don't really mind.

Last night was on of my best nights in MONTHS.
I hardly had ANY acid reflux.
I don't think I woke up once from it.
And I only slept on 2 pillows instead of 5.
It was a little holiday miracle.

Then I woke up craving toast with cream cheese, bacon, sprouts and tomato.
But - I decided to stick with toast and cream cheese.
I don't eat sprouts right now, and I don't have tomatos.
I do have bacon but we are saving it for our weekend breakfast buffet. We go hog wild here on weekends.

eggs, waffles, bacon, grapefruit juice, tea, coffee for Jerry, little cutie oranges - oh yes. It's a food party.

Going back through a very long list a friend gave me that has all the things she recommends registering for and double checking that I got everything. I chose Target and Amazon.com as my 2 main registries. I heard really good things about Amazon and I've been impressed with how many items I could find on there.

This is Jerry's Last week of work before Holiday break. We are SO excited to have 2 weeks off here in LA together.
This Sunday I'm making our first annual Hanukkah Dinner. Think Latkes, brisket or flank steak or something like that, kugal,
Then on Christmas eve we are going to have our first annual Christmas eve dinner made by yours truly. I found a recipe for 20 garlic brisket on food network and Jerry and I watched the chef make it and we thought - with our eyes bugging out of our heads - "YES". We'll see what actually gets made but we are excited to have our own Holiday here for the first time since we started dated almost 7 years ago! We are loving the tree. Every morning when I wake up I turn on the tree lights first thing.
I sit in the dark and watch the sun rise while the tree lights glow. It's lovely.
We are still planning to partake in the annual New year waffle party with the guys from our wedding. We started the tradition last year over at Sean H's house and this year Sean W. is opening his house up. Next year with baby it will most likely be at our house. We all bring waffle irons and ingredients and make waffles while watching the rose parade on tv. which is actually happening literally 3 miles from our house. But who needs crowds!? Especially when sporting this huge belly and tiny bladder?
Not me!

Today is a sunny, bright but cold day - and I mean cold like 60 degrees - which is FREEZING to us out here.
I must say I have the CUTEST maternity coat that I ever thought possible, and I would love to keep wearing it after baby comes. It's probably the coolest coat I've owned besides some of those suede ones I used to collect. Never thought I'd love maternity clothing - but in this case I do.

That's about it today. baby is happily digesting the cream cheese on toast and a glass of milk I fed us this morning. Going in for more food in a second. Need a smoothy. Something tart with fruit.

Wish my friends KT and BP lived closer. Would be fun to go through pregnancy with them since KT is a month behind us with her due date. And we both are planning on making t-shirts that read: If you tell me your birth story I'll rip your lungs out.
I think that gets the point across yes?

Oh - my mom told me last night that I was 3 weeks late when i was born and Jeremy was induced so he was probably late too.
I guess our babies due date has a lot to do with how our parents had us which is interesting.

I think Jerry is guessing that our baby is coming early. I'm already reading up on what to have in my bag next to the door in case this little guy wants to meet us earlier then March 2nd. All I can really think of are warm pajamas, sweat shirts, ugg boots, socks, nice smelling lotion, stuff I'd bring if we were going on vacation....without the bikini.

Oh - tonight was take another class at the hospital. We've already taken a parenting class which was 4 classes which go over birth, nutrition, vaccines, and car seat safety.

We took an infant CPR class

and now we are taking an Infant Care class tonight:
ie: diapers, umbilical cord care, safety, more on nutrition, sleep, etc...

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