Friday, December 26, 2008

just a quick note as a way to remember yesterday...
we woke up and I said " It's time to open presents! "
We opened them all and a lot were gifts for baby seiner. So Cute!
We had a big breakfast feast of eggs, bacon, waffles, scones, orange juice. And yes I ate ALL of it.
Watched Napaoleon Dynamite for the thousanth time.
Drove down to Aunt Mary Jo and Uncle Daves house in La Mirada at 2pm - It poured rain. I was not pleased with that to say the least.
Welcomed by what seems to be one hundred Harbaughs!
Mary Jo, Dave
Rene and janet
Rick, Ashley,
Amanda, Crystal, Derek
Amy and Mike
April, Barb and Moose
Valerie ( Moose's daughter ), Mike and Cory ( 2 yr old )
oh god I hope I didn't miss anyone.
It was a warm home with lots of laughter and fun. No family drama. Just nice and fun.

There were toasts to be had, a big christmas meal with honey roasted ham
Opening of gifts
desserts for miles
and a lot of hands on the belly trying to get a chance to feel our little bagel move.
Every time I felt him start to move I'd go over to someone and tell them and they would put their hand on the belly and he would stop. Every single time. So I think he is learning to be sneaky already. Just like his mama!
He got a lot of attention for still being in the belly. It was fun.( and yes, everyone asked permission to touch my belly which as you already know I really appreciate a LOT ! )
Everyone is excited to meet the little guy.
I can't wait to bring him over to the big Harbaugh Gatherings and introduce him to all the people attached to those hands.

Today my parents are heading up to spend the 6th day of Hanukkah with us. We are going to work on the paint colors for the baby room, and then heading to the Americana Mall to show dad the 3 story Barnes and Noble, and take them to see a movie ( MILK ) and dinner. Looking forward to it and I hope to give dad a chance to feel the baby moving in there. Not sure if he will be feeling up for it - he sure is elusive to everyone but me right now.....

happy happy!

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