Sunday, July 26, 2009

Max reads a book with Mama

I have so much to share with you about our amazing little baby Max.
I just haven't had the time lately to sit here and type it all up.
The very quick notes are:

he is 15 pounds!

he is showing very little delay and therefore not qualifying for OT through the Regional Center and just barely squeaked by in getting PT services. Apparently he has about a 10-15% delay right now and is very strong. ( because of all the budget cuts from our wonderful governor - Max needs to show a 33% delay to be granted services through the state ) but the fact that he is doing so well is GREAT news regardless of how ridiculous the budget cuts are. We do still want him to get services though so that he can excel and not get behind even further. We are pleased he got the PT once a week.
He is showing very strong signs of trying to crawl and get up. I'll try to get that on video. He spends more time rolling over to his tummy then ever. He loves it there. He "talks" all the time - but especially at around 4am or so after his feeding he is ready to share stories about his dreams the night before. He is very expressive with his vocal chords - and I mean he fluctuates his sounds from being quiet to a little more pronounced. It's amazing. I just love listening to him and talking with him.
Jerry and I are learning about all the new laws put into place so that we can be more educated in helping advocate for our son. We are going to lots of workshops and networking with people in the know. It's a LOT of info to learn and can be overwhelming - but I have to just do what I can to learn what I can so that I can speak for Max.

Max got to put on his first little bathing suit ( ok I put it on him ) with a matching little hat and we went to a pool party for families that have kids with Ds. It was so GREAT. I have photos of that as well that I will post very soon.

Max had his first photobooth photo session today with his parents. I'll scan those in soon.

And overall we are just really enjoying him as he shows us more and more of who he is.

I could say a LOT more - but here is a video from 2 nights ago - as Max reads me his book before bedtime.


My name is Sarah said...

Ahh that is so cute. Max reading a book and he looks so into it:) I think he is telling his story.

Anonymous said...

OK, forget about him being the cutest baby, you guys are the cutest FAMILY.
Love it.