Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Max has a new swing!

we bought Max a swing for his birthday in February and finally put it up this weekend. This was his first ride!
It's in the tree that I documented in my series " the 20th year " and I feel very nostalgic about that tree. It's in our front yard. I took a photo of that tree every month for a year during my 20th year of sobriety. It was actually a hard time for me but the series helped. Seeing my son here in the swing being held by the tree - is significant for me. It's like that tree is an old friend who knew me in darker times. Now it celebrates with me as we watch Max enjoy life!

in other news....Max is taking up to 4 steps in a row now. And I witnessed him taking 6 steps at one time! He is still working on it but is doing SO great!


Kelly said...

YEAH!! Way to go Max.....tell mommy to get some video of this....Landon loves to watch and play with his friends on the computer! Maybe you have some pointers for him:) Keep up the good work!!

LOVE your swing and the story behind the tree:)

Anonymous said...

Ah, the 20 year tree again! How lovely!
Thanks for sharing.
And Dang is that kid so cute!

GarbogeKnits said...

My sweet Catherine the Great. Love love this pix. The joy of life - your brillant child is showing us how we ALL need to live life. Thank you.

To Love Endlessly said...

this is the greatest picture!!! I bet it's even better since there's so much significance to it. My pictures of Marissa in the swing are quite limited. I either get the top of her head or the bottom of her feet. Never have I captured that brilliant little smile. :-)

Stephanie said...

I think he like it ;) and give Max a hug for me on the steps, such a huge accomplishment!

erin carver said...

Hi Catherine, so nice to meet you here - I have just made my way here from Kelly Rae's e-course! You have a beautiful family, Max is gorgeous! Your prints are lovely too, I just hearted your etsy shop! Look forward to seeing you in flying lessons : )

scrapwordsmom said...

Your Max is darling!! I am taking Kelly's class with you...just thought I would stop by:)


Shalet said...

Popping over from flying lessons. Seriously? Look at the pure joy on his face! Looks like the gift was well received!

getting stuff done said...

that smile!!! WAHAY! Swinging!

Art and Clasp said...

That face is pure joy :) I came over from the comments on Kelly Rae's e-course. Look forward to seeing more from you (and of Max!)


dandelion dreamer said...

Hello there! I loved your entry on Kelly Rae's are going to have so much fun on it.
Little Max is gorgeous..he must give you so much pleaure...great photo!

soraya nulliah said...

Dear Catherine-your little Max is an absolute angel straight from heaven:) He is so beautiful-with a shining bright spirit that radiates through the screen. I am so glad we met...Kelly's class is just what I need right now even though I was having so many conflicts and fears...just yesterday. I am sure they will be back tomorrow. See you in class:)

soraya nulliah said...

Dear Catherine-thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday. Also, I meant to comment on your 20 years of sobriety but got so sidetracked by Max!!! He's got the serious CUTE factor going on...But a huge CONGRATS to you...I can't understand how difficult it must of been for you to come out of alcoholism at the other end...stronger, richer and full of life and creativity. I have always felt that nature (and trees especially) have their very own wisdom and curative powers...healing beyond our wildest imagination. I am so glad that your (tree) friend can celebrate with you and Max now:) xxxHugs

Louise Gale said...

Hey Catherine, hope you are well. i agree with Soraya, trees really do have that wise factor, something so special in our lives and so is Max, he is such a cutie and its so wonderful seeing him love that swing so. A lovely summer of fun and swinging in the sun and shade of the wonderfully magic tree. xxx

aliceinparis said...

I think you have captured JOY in that picture! Wonderful.
Congrats on your sobriety, it is a hard struggle.
Here's to Flying Lessons!

stephey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Like you I am enjoying the inspiration from the flying ecourse!

I love your work and the logo that is on your main site, the queen of hearts! Your series on wanderings hits close to home. I wrote a piece about how not all who wander are lost
It also gave me a creative idea. I wonder if you'd like to participate? I posted it

Have a great day and it was wonderful visiting your space!

Jen said...

Hi Catherine! Wanted to say thanks for stopping by AND your Max is the cutest sweetest thing ever. I love the glee you see on his face in that swing. What a great picture.

Plus, it's just my two cents but I LOVE the name little tomato! :)

I was hoping after seeing your post that the "used to live in Minneapolis" meant you just moved out to the suburbs but alas, LA! Thanks again for your comment!

Amber Dusick said...

If only we could bottle the joy in his face! I love what you said about the tree, they seem to "know" don't they?

Jen Currier said...

Hi Catherine!

It was great meeting you at Club 21 yesterday. It's nice to know we're really NOT alone in this journey! I plan to make it First Steps semi-regularly, so I hope to see more of you and more of Max's amazing smile (It makes me excited to see a real, intended smile someday soon from my little Elijah!)
Also-congrats on 20 years- that is something you can certainly be proud of!!

Spadazzle said...

Oh my gosh!!! He is sooooooo cute:). Thanks for visiting my blog, I am enjoying your pictures!