Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Max is 6 weeks old today!

Max's first Massage:


You are 6 weeks old today!

we celebrated you - by getting each of us a massage. She came to the house and you went first. She taught us how to do it so we could sooth you and know what the heck might work for you. It was so great to watch you respond to the touch. Don't worry max - she's going to come back 2 more times ( at least ! ) and pamper you some more!!!

We all LOVED getting the pampering and want to make it a ritual. Maybe once a month or twice a month. It was the first time we've had someone come to the house for massage. I loved that we didn't have to pack up Max and all his things to make it happen.

This is the last week that Jerry is home for his paternity leave!

6 weeks at home. What a treat for all of us.
As you can imagine - I'm gearing up for a big melt down once he is gone.
No - Not Max melting down....

I've been so spoiled in having a husband who helps with changing - feeding - playing - holding - etc.
We share feeding times and alternate between the two of us so that we get more time to catch our breath and regroup.

We decided to hire someone once a week to come over and help watch him with me so that I can take a walk, take a bath, eat, or just call people and have a moment for myself. I think this is going to help a great deal.

I'm already signed up to go to 2 different play groups during the week - and plan to take him on a daily walk after the noon feeding time as well - so there will be more going on in a way.

Part of me freaks out that I won't know what to do if something is wrong with little Max.
part of me feels like it will all be ok.
part of me needs to know that I can handle it.
part of me doesn't want to know.

most of all I will miss my husband. When I think about him being at work it really makes me sad. We've had such a good time together as a team - the three of us.

His boss had a baby and never really came back to the office. I was hoping maybe - Jerry could take one day off a week and be with us - but that might not be a reality for us.

Going to cherish these last few days in the bubble with him and Max.
it's all about pampering this week.
yesterday we all went to the hair salon and had out hair done. Max just slept in the sling. He doesn't have a hair to cut yet.
Today - massage
tomorrow - walking at the rose bowl
Friday - checking out a play group for kids with Down syndrome.
Saturday Grandpa Jerry and Shari come to visit
Sunday - we will see! I might be a mess that day.

Today is the 18th - we are going to take another belly photo. We are going to keep on doing the belly shots on the 18th and see how long it takes me to get to a place where I feel comfortable in my body again.
they say it takes a year. I have about 30 pounds to lose. I know I can do it. I feel up to the challenge.

Max is doing great and we are still waiting for him to really smile at us - and not just smile when he has gas!
It's still so cute to watch him and his expressions and try to figure out what they all mean.

We had a dresser delivered last night and we are so excited to have a place for all the clothing we got from friends and family. I think it will REALLY help us organize his life more! ( and ours! )

happy happy birthday Max.
6 weeks! What an amazing life already!
We love you
adore you
want to kiss you every minute
can't get enough of you.


Bpaul said...

Great post hun.

Love from pdx,


Catherine Just said...

thanks BP!

Glad you enjoyed it. Can't wait to have you actually meet the little guy and to meet yours!

Sweaters and Flip Flops said...

OHHHHH!! Look how nice and yummy his tummy is coming in! Good job everybody! I love a nice, full, round beautiful baby tummy. Big kiss.


Catherine Just said...

hahahaaa Nicole you are sooooo darn fun to show off Max to! Thank you for the feedback on his belly!

clairity said...

Glad to see you are enjoying your last couple days with Papa home full time. It is not an easy transition. So, so happy that you will be getting some help, I hope it is in fact helpful help.
Enjoy! You will be great!
Your sharing your fears and insecurity really helps others.