Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You are 7 weeks old today!

©Jerry Seiner Jr. 2009
taken probably when Max was 2-3 weeks old ( sorry - I'm too tired to get a photo from this week prepped to upload )


You are so dang CUTE I want to eat you.
This week
lets see.....

You are sucking your thumb - but have no idea you are doing it.
You still LOVE to be in a sling and pass out with the wubba nub in your mouth in about 5 minutes of being put in there.
You are more alert, more interested, and more able to have a little time to yourself.
You are starting to unintentionally hit the worm and lion rattle toys that are hanging in your bouncy chair. I think you like the sound they make but I could be projecting of course! You stare at them and seem to be having a meaningful conversation with them or some sort of meeting. You seem drawn to the worm the most, and the bee - the bee was the first thing you ever looked at in your bassinet so we put it on your bouncy chair.
You don't mind a bath.
You are growing! We think you're HUGE! ( but really you are just about 8 pounds right now )
You still eat every 3 hours - it takes you about 45 minutes to finish 2-3 ounces and you love to pass out on my shoulder when you are done. I love that too. Don't stop that please!
You didn't pee on me all week during any of the diaper changes ( now THAT is news worthy! )
Your Grandma DeeDee visited you for 2 days this week and you got to witness how many Jewish Mother's it takes to put your clothes on, fold your clothes, and adore you with kisses and hugs!

Your papa went back to work this week and that was the big change for all of us.
So we get to play all day together and when your papa gets home around 8pm - the first thing he wants to do is kiss you and hold you and then feed you. He sends you text messages from work and he misses you so much! I send him photos of you all day long. Today papa had a meeting with the tennis channel and I put you in the tennis onsie he painted for you so we could all be team Seiner supporting papa. I took a photo of that and sent it to him before his meeting. ( I have it on my iphone so I can't upload that today - sorry ! )

Tomorrow we are heading to the Skirball Centerto attend a New Mother's luncheon for mama's with babies and kids with Down syndrome. Your papa is going to meet us there and join us. We can't wait to meet more of the community and to get started meeting other babies your age that you will potentially grow up with or at least play with at different events. The event is being put on by DSALA. We've loved this place and hope to continue to learn and grow from all the resources they have available.

I signed up for Team in Training tonight - Going to train to do a half marathon in October. I'm going to WALK it people - don't freak out on me. Training starts May 23rd. I'm SO excited. I just LOVED doing the triathlon with them a few years ago and the team spirit is something I miss. They scream and shout for joy at every workout. GO TEAM GO TEAM! We raise money to help cancer research.

One thing I dreamed of doing with our baby is getting involved with the community and help others. This will be our first event.
Not that Max will be training with me - but he will go to the event and see all of us working together to help a cause.

I'm looking forward to all three of us finding causes we believe in and putting time and effort into helping others.

Of Course - we are going to get very active in the Down Syndrome Community and help on all levels for our Max and others to live their best life ever - and to be involved in other organizations - like an animal shelter - or some other out reach.

um...ok - I'm falling over from being tired now - out now.

love you Max!


Jill said...

He is just so dang cute I can't stand it. I really enjoyed reading your blog today...I found it thru a link from a mutual blog friend. what great expression and passion you have! So much adoration for your little Max...reminds me of how I sound and feel! Your pics are beautiful, too! We don't share much in common, but with t21 we have so much in common! He' beautiful, he really is!

Catherine Just said...

Jill, thank you for your thoughtful words about Max and the blog. I hope we can meet someday and share stories about t21!
Who is the mutual blog friend? I'm curious.

Katye said...

Hey I can see Max and Mama out there hitting the training road like crazy! I bet he'd be great inspiration!

You're awesome!