Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cardiologist Appointment

Yesterday Max had an appointment with his Cardiologist.
It was a re-check on the hole in his heart that they found just after his birth.
The hole was smallish and they wanted to make sure it closed on it's own which is what happens with most babies. ( all babies are born with a small hole in the heart - however a LOT of babies with Ds are born with larger holes - or multiple holes that requires heart surgery pretty early on in their life.

So Max got hooked up to all of these wires - and he didn't mind at all - in fact he was talking away with the Nurse - and then staring at his foot. He barely noticed. I was laughing in happiness that he was doing well through it and just hanging out.

then we went to another room with the dr. and he did an ultrasound on his chest which Max drank from his bottle.
We could watch on the screen and see his heart and the tiny hole that was still there - but much smaller.

The dr. said that it's nothing they would ever do anything about. And the hole will not get bigger.
He also said that if we moved away from all medical facilities - he would be fine for the next 315 years!
We laughed at that comment and I was SO relieved.

I had seen so many photos and heard stories of my friends children who needed heart surgery - and while Max would probably be fine if not great - I would have been a complete wreck. I can't imagine it - and I feel grateful that he is doing well.

Phew......deep sigh,,,,,,,,long deep breath........


Katye said...

AWESOME!!! I think that kid is gonna buck all the odds and blaze a trail that no other has created! Go MAX!!!

Healthy little scupper you have there. LOVING the thighs...yummy!!!


Sharon said...

Happy, happy news, indeed!!!! And I love the pictures....priceless.

Anonymous said...

And Max, I totally agree, that foot is FANTASTIC.