Sunday, October 4, 2009

8 months old today....!!!!

Laughing with Max on his 8 month birthday

Marty - Jerry's mom was here this weekend. She got a chance to see Max crawling, eat baby food from a spoon, babble, laugh out loud, and start his journey toward sitting up. yesterday we went to the Zoo for an all day adventure. Then to the Americana for lunch at Frida and crumbs bakery for a cupcake.

The guys wore matching Orange sweatshirts out to breakfast at Home restaurant in Los Feliz

Then off to the Kidspace Museum for the 14th annual Pumpkin Festival

We ran into Kevin, Brooke, Tom, And their kids which was so fun - and of course I had to try my hand at a group photo

Here's Kevin and Coco

Brooke's new baby Blake who is one week old!

Hanging out at home with the family

I think I would call this Bliss!

Happy Birthday Max!
We are so happy you are with us - doing well, enjoying your life, learning, growing, teaching us about love and being in the moment and taking time to just "be".
Right now you are doing Physical Therapy 1 time per week with Joe from Dynamic Therapies and you do well with him until you feel like it's nap time. He told us last time he was here that he sees improvement every time he sees you and he predicts you will be sitting by Thanksgiving!
You also do infant Stimulation 1 day per week with Talar from Pasadena Child Development. We haven't seen her in a while. She usually watches as you and I play. And she tells us how amazing you are doing and we laugh as we watch you do amazing things.
You also see an OT feeding Specialist once a month named Julie. She came to the house and watched me feed you sweet potato baby food. It was so fun. She says you are doing great as well.
Who doesn't love having 3 specialists say positive things about you?!!
Of course we already know all of this - but we love positive reinforcement.
Your favorite toys right now are the LeapFrog Piano which you crawl over to and play and stare at your image in the mirror and have the most amazing facial expressions while you are playing and looking. It kills me.
You also love the racoon puppet we got you at the zoo yesterday and we notice that you love to sleep next to it holding onto it or sleeping on it like a pillow. You also love the gigantic Pluto the disney character dog pillow that your cousins Stephen, Tim and Sean gave you when they came to visit a few months ago. We have it near you when it's time for bed and you hold onto the ears and tail and you feel the soft fabric with your hands as you start to fall asleep. You love the knitted donuts that Gretchen and sean halley gave you, and you love the glow starfish that plays music for you in your crib.
You still prefer to be on your tummy, and you love being with mom and dad at night rather than alone in your crib.
You LOVE to snuggle and you make the cutest little "mmmmmmm" noise when you are starting to get sleepy.
You love grabbing my nose and pulling with your very strong hand and your little nails sometimes dig into my skin. You love to put your hands in our mouth - it makes you laugh, and you want to pull off papa's glasses. You also love to get your hands on my hair and pull - which is why my hair has been in a ponytail for the past 8 months.
You still love the Ergo carrier and you don't mind the carseat at all. You are easily calmed down if you get upset or sad with just a hug and a smile... you seem to remember that all is well in the world. Your adorable high top socks are hardly fitting you anymore - and the 6 month clothing is a little big and the 3 month clothing is too tight. You've been going to 3 meetings a week with me during the afternoons, and those women ADORE you. You are getting more and more used to the noises in those rooms, the clapping and laughing. At first it made you cry and now you sleep right though it. I'm always proud to have you with me. You love the end when we all stand in a circle and hold hands and say a prayer as a group outloud- you look up at me from the Ergo and smile so big it makes me smile back which makes all the other women smile too.
We still go around the rose bowl together almost every day. Usually near sunset and you sleep while I try to burn calories.
It's getting colder and darker sooner so I am not sure how much longer we will do that this year but we will get back as soon as the weather permits.
You are sleeping from about 11pm until we wake you up at 7am and let me tell you - you do not feel like getting up.
You raise your head up and look at me - staring blankly at me for a minute while I smile as you and sing the good morning song ( to the tune of the happy birthday song )
good morning to you good morning to you good morning dear Maaaax good morning to you.
Your papa and I sing that to you while you figure out where you are and then you Smile so big it makes us both laugh with happiness.
What else can I tell you about yourself at 8 months old??
Shall we talk about poop? Do those folks out there REALLY want to know?
noooooo. I'll keep that to myself.
Well I guess if I'm going to keep that to myself - than I will end this letter to you by telling you that you are the brightest light I have ever known - seen or felt. Thank you for bringing your brightness into my world. Into our world. I love you so so so so so much and every day is a joy with you in it. I cannot wait for the next time I get to hold you, see you smile up at me, snuggle, read to you, laugh with you , play with you, talk with you, learn with you, grow with you.
Thank you Max and Happy Birthday!



Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
So much sweetness and bliss and blessings, I am full up with it all.
Look at all of you.
So perfect.
Happy Birthday Max

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

What a beautiful love note to Max. Just heart warming!

Tara said...

That was awesome! I love how he sucks his thumb with an open hand just like Eon. So cute! Love his adorable belly laugh, too.

Bpaul said...

Great post hon.



girl cousins said...

Wowsie Lovesters, I'm so happy to have all three of you in my life. LOVE this letter, Catherine. sweet heaven.