Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First baby food and Jerry's Birthday

Found a bib that said "top tomato" even though it's bigger than he is of course I had to get it!

He had his first baby food last week. sweet potato. I do HATE HATE HATE those photos people take of their babies with food all over their faces. I don't see the cuteness in that AT ALL. just makes me want to delete the photo. And guess what I have here!
yep - the before and after photos from his feeding. And THAT will be the LAST time I take a photo of him with food all over his face. Luckily it isn't that horrible and gross. I was impressed with how much of it landed on the bib instead of in his mouth.

He got a bit of a rash on his left side - his face - elbow - and knee - so we stopped feeding him the sweet potato and the rash went away.
This week we are trying out peas. So far no rash and he is getting better and better at eating with the spoon. It's so fun to watch! yes - there is a video of Jerry feeding Max that I will post when I have more time.



here is a photo I took of Max on Jerry's birthday. I figure it's probably the best present I can give Jerry while he is working late on his birthday! - a photo of his son radiating joy and glee from every cell of his body!
Happy Birthday Jerry!
Max and I went to Jerry's work to surprise him with 2 dozen mini cupcakes to share with his working late workmates.
I hear they were all gone by the next day. Hope the sugar rush made the hours fly by!

yesterday I took this photo at the same place and time I took the smiling photo - at the Rose Bowl just as I was getting ready for my daily 3 miles walk. He was PASSED OUT. I love this photo too.

that's all for today I must run to go take Max to a meeting with me.
Hopefully he will sleep through it but if not I bet there will be women at the meeting who will love to hold him. It's been nice to get to regular meetings each week and get to know people and have them learn about and meet Max. Lots of love in those rooms. I am very grateful for that.


Anonymous said...

OMG, how precious is he. That JOY one and the Sleeping Sweetie one. Mnnnn. Love him.
Is sweet potato a nightshade veggie? I feel like it is, maybe wait on other nightshades as well for awhile.
Have you seen that fancy thing they have at Williams Sonoma that mashes and cooks your food to be perfect for baby? I've heard it's the bomb. Maybe someone would like to buy you one. LOL

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Oh that sleeping photo is just precious. He looks like a porcelain doll. And the smiling one...priceless!

Celeste said...

oh, man that laughing photo is one in a million. SO CUTE!!