Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Catching up!

We had a lot of events going on in the last few weeks....here are a few tidbits to keep you up to date:

This past Sunday Jerry's extended family gathered to celebrate Jerry's dad ( Jerry Sr. ) moving to LA. Yep That's him standing next to Jerry Jr. Can you see the resemblance??
We are excited to have more time with him, his wife Shari and Jerry's half brother Jimmy - and that Max will get more time with all of them! We always love spending time with this crowd! They are a hoot! And they all want time holding Max - so we pass him around.

Went to a DSALA new parents BBQ on Saturday night. Met a lot of people - and their ADORABLE children.
But I was mostly mesmerized by my own son and how sweet he is with his papa. Glad I had my camera to catch these moments.

Totally killing me those two.

The previous weekend Max had his Second date with is girlfriend Agnes. They really do like each other. he always stares at her and wants to hold hands with her. I love watching them. Plus we love spending time with her parents - had steaks out on the grill in our backyard. It was a perfect summer evening.

ok - not the best picture of me ( or my hair ) but I just love that Max feels comfortable enough to just lay his face against mine. He does it all the time and I just melt every time.

My parents went to Club 21 a month ago ( yep - these are old photos )
and they Met Nancy Littekin who is pretty much the head of Club 21. I LOVE HER. ( I think I mentioned that already on another post - but seriously you must meet her - you will love her too. )
My mom is on the left and Nancy is on the right. And Yes I love my mama too!

There's my handsome papa playing with Max. He ( my dad ) always lights up when he is with Max. I love watching the two of them together.

Here is my mama - holding Max - when we stayed down in San Diego during the Big "Station Fire" a few weeks ago.
This was a precious moment. Max is obviously comfy with Grandma.
Glad we could leave LA and head for their house. It was a wonderful week away from the smoke.
I think Max got a kick out of all the attention, the fresh air, the scenery there and the change of pace.


Sonia said...

Your photography makes me so happy! You are so blessed to be able to take such great pictures!

Cori Sarno Villacres said...

Hi Catherine...glad to see you are all doing well. What cute pictures. It is such a joy to be able to spend time with family. The pictures of the Max with his grandparents are the best! Hope we get to talk to you again soon.

Katye said...

Excellent update C! The photo of Jerry and Max cracking up is killing me too....so sweet! I also love to see how your folks are so present. Nice that Jerry's dad and family are getting in on the action too. I wish my family (any of them really...well with the exception of a couple) were closer! Missing you!