Friday, September 4, 2009

7 months old today - happy birthday baby!

Happy Birthday Max!
7 months old today.
I can't believe it.
Somehow 7 months feels like you are so OLD already!
I love watching you change in front of my eyes.

Lately you are sitting more and more
reaching out to grab everything you can
napping in your crib or pack and play without us being with you or having you in a baby carrier
Talking a lot.
" ahhhmooooobaaaaahhhh"
" laaa"

you are laughing and when I laugh you laugh and then I laugh and you laugh. and on and on and on. Hilarious.

and starting to copy us
when we blow you a kiss you try to do that too. SO DANG CUTE !
if we talk to you and wait a second you will talk with us too

You've noticed the iphone, the cat, my parents dog, the tv ( egads turn that thing off ), the fridge. And you watch us leave the room and come back in.

you love to hold on to your feet when you are laying on your back.
You soothe yourself by sucking your thumb.

And most recently - you stopped spitting up.
And I mean recent - like stopped yesterday!
We had to put you on zantac and feed you in the baby carier facing us and sitting upright. I stand up while carrying you in the carrier and I feed you that way now. You seem to be ok with it and THAT is how the spitting up ended.
Zantac and a different feeding position.

Toys you love right now:
the cow stuft animal I think is your favorite.
The piano
the seahorse that glows and plays lullabye music.
anything you can put in your mouth including my pink covered iphone

you still love it when I sing to you - you laugh and smile with glee.
you love to be held - and you love to snuggle
you love being rocked, bounced, and jiggled.

you are rolling over onto your tummy as usual - but now you are getting up onto your knees and rocking back and forth and them propelling yourself forward, backward, and turning yourself around.

I still have to change your diaper with you on your tummy - you really don't like being on your back much.
you still love a bath and you suck on a washcloth that has been soaked in warm water.

Right now we are in San Diego at your grandparents house because a fire started in Los Angeles and I wanted to get you away from the smoke. We've been here since last Sunday. It's been nice to take a mini vacation at this amazingly beautiful house and be far away from the smoke.

Your papa has been driving back and forth between here and work and home because he misses seeing you.
I've been sending him daily photos of you on the iphone which he LOVES seeing.

I'm so glad we had a place to go and that you got a lot of time with your grandparents. They had a lot of fun with you. You amaze them with all the talking you do and and how much you are moving around. They also love that you are learning to blowing kisses.

Last weekend you got to meet my uncle Bix and aunt christine and cousin Joe, cousin Andy, his girlfriend Brienne, aunt Lois and uncle Mark! It was a whirlwind weekend. I'm SO glad they were in town and got to meet you.
On my birthday we gathered at our house for a taco feast from el arco iris. Our favorite Mexican restaurant on York Blvd.
you basically slept in the Ergo while we all pigged out on tacos.

Aunt Lois and Uncle Mark, my parents, and the three of us at Houston's Restaurant in Santa Monica.

Aunt Lois and Max at our house - before the taco's invaded our home!

Cousin Andy and his fabulous gal Brienne at the Rose cafe in Venice beach.

What a great weekend it was. And it was a birthday treat for me to see everyone and introduce them to Max.

Hope to see more of them - sooner than later. I love them! I wish they lived closer.



Cammie Heflin said...

What a precious boy!

Fairybookmother said...

Catherine, you break my heart with how beautiful your messages are! Max will treasure these, I'm sure your family does, already -- makes me realize that I have GOT to do more for R than just take a bajillion pictures -- you are such a brilliant Mommy!!!!! Happy 7th month, Little Angel! Also, thanks for always sharing great links & education on the fly -- I did not know that about the weakness in the mouth -- thank God for modern science, technology, and therapy to go along with our inherent joy, compassion, and endless LOVE. You and Max were born for each other! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to both of you! I'm sorry I missed wishing you many happy returns Catherine.
Thanks for the update. Max is so beautiful! We all love looking at his pictures so much.

Cori Sarno Villacres said...

What a beautiful boy Catherine. I so wished we could come down so Joey could play with Max. Isn't it so hard to believe that seven months has gone by... Joey's seven month Birthday is tomorrow. YAY for Max with all that he is doing right now. What an incredible baby! Hopefully we can get together soon. As of now we are trying to make plans to spend Halloween in Escondido. Maybe we can get together then. Take care and feel free to call me anytime.

Girl in Red Shoes said...

Max is so beautiful in the pictures! You are so lucky :)