Thursday, August 27, 2009

What I saw this morning when I woke up

Tomorrow is my birthday but I'm thinking that this is the best gift I've ever gotten in my life. Who needs anything else?
Max is the best gift ever.

Plus - waking up with him looking at me like this is just taking my breath away.

I love that he was waving at papa while he took that photo!

He's getting on a schedule now which is so amazing. he has been sleeping through the night for the past few weeks now and we wake him up for his first feeding. ( if I already wrote about this I apologize...I'm still in baby haze )
Jerry always does the first feeding. 7am or 7:30.

Then He naps around 9:30 or 10
for about an hour or so.

Then I feed him again at noon
he naps about 2 hours after his nap.

then I feed him again at 5pm
again - nap around 7pm

Papa gets home at 7pm
and when Max wakes up, Papa feeds him again for his last feeding of the day.

Then I bathe him
Jerry dries him off
we put him in bed with us
and I read to him
or we just play
until he falls asleep in between us.

Usually around 10 or 11pm

I'm REALLY enjoying this schedule. It used to be that he would feed every 4 hours all day and night so I was getting up at 4am to feed him and wasn't able to get back to sleep.

The only thing that I'm still figuring out is when to workout.
I used to stay up after the 4am feeding and go walk around the rose bowl as the sun was starting to come up.
It's much to hot out for walking at 8am
and I don't want to miss the moments - like the ones above - when he is just waking up. It's too precious. So I don't want to get up and go workout while he is still sleeping because I will miss this.
So - I've been working out at night now which is totally different. I do enjoy getting up early and walking when the sun is coming up. But I REALLY love watching Max wake up even more.

I'd like to start a photography project - documenting what it looks like in our bed every morning. Just like I did when We were first married - only this time all three of us will be in bed. I think it would be great to do a series of images from over the bed - looking down on us - as we sleep. So Jerry is going to get out all the tripod equipment to make this work.

He also bought me some kraft paper and an industrial sized roll paper holder so I can have paper on the dining room table so I can start to make artwork more often. I'm looking forward to turing this table I am typing at right now into my studio area.

ok - need to go make breakfast while he is still napping.



Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Those are the MOST precious moments. Savor it all! Just beautiful!!!

ds.mama said...

What a wonderful way to wake up.

Cori Sarno Villacres said...

What a beautiful picture Catherine! And what a great way to wake up. I sometimes wish we could allow Joey to sleep in bed with us but he is rolling all over the place in the middle of the night and I am afraid he would get hurt. Happy birthday too! (mine was on Friday) and I cannot think of any gift better than our adorable little ones!

My name is Sarah said...

Ahhhh that is so precious

Ruby's Mom said...

Beautiful pictures!