Friday, August 21, 2009


We JUST got home from Dinner with Max's grandparents - ( my folks ) and we were showing them how excited Max gets when we pull him up to stand. This is the face!!

Thought you might like this.

Today was a pretty big day - actually this entire week was pretty big.

We had a speech consultation with Amy Johnson who everyone told us to go see. We really like her and got some great feedback on ways to exercise Max's jaw and mouth so he can gain more muscle tone for speech. Oral Motor Therapy is really important for kids with Down syndrome. They have low muscle tone in their mouths and - they also don't feel with the same intensity that we do - it's like they have a shot of novocain in their mouths. So they need more stimulation and more assistance to figure out how to use their mouths - and to give them opportunities to strengthen their mouths.
More info here:

Today my parents met us at Club 21.
They got to meet all of my favorite people. Monica, and her kids Tim and Laura, Olivia and her kids Grace and Sarah, Pat and her son Christopher, Audrey and her kids Ava and Estelle, Juli and Max best friend Brady, Cel and her daughter Thalia, and all the rest. Nancy came in and I was so excited that my parents got to meet her. And she gave them a tour of the place and share with them all the things going on with the resource center. My parents really enjoyed meeting everyone and learning all about Club 21. ( yes I took a bunch of photos and no I haven't downloaded them yet - more to come ! )

One thing I am really excited about is that Club 21 is doing a Walk a Thon on November 1st.
You should come be a part of it with us.
We would LOVE your support.

here is more info.

Save the Date!
Come join us on The Morning of November 1, 2009 - 'Together is Better' 5K Walk-A-Thon which is hosted by Flintridge Prep's Leo Club to raise funds for Club 21. This event is unique because it is initiated and supported by the youth in our community. Due to the success of last year's event, Flintridge Prep's Leo Club is again hosting this year's "Together is Better" Walk-a-Thon. This year they have added a twist, they are inviting all of the schools in the area to walk and put out a challenge to each school to see who can raise the most money. We are grateful and appreciative of their efforts to help strengthen and support our organization. They have been amazing! We have been thrilled and encouraged to see the response from these schools and organizations.

There are various ways you can be a part of this exciting day. You, your family and friends can come and cheer on a corner, walk with all of us in support and/or raise support. Any and all of this participation will speak volumes to the community. This will be a wonderful opportunity to spread Down Syndrome awareness to a community beyond those that are personally touched by Down syndrome. It will also enable Club 21 to get the necessary finances, resources, partnerships, and personnel to continue to meet the evolving and increasing needs of Club 21's community. We will be walking in the heart of Pasadena, starting at Central Park in Pasadena and walk down Green Street and then come back on Colorado Boulevard. Afterwards, you can shop, eat lunch, see a movie, go to Huntington Gardens. It will be a great day celebrating family and community!! More details will follow, but write November 1st on your calendar.


Sharon said...

That Max is ridiculusly cute! And what a wonderful event the "Together is Better" walk will be - and so very touching that it is organized by the youth in your community. Amazing.

yvette roman davis said...

OMG Catherine that little face. I can't stand it. He's my happy fix.