Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a little nap

took this 2 days ago - this is what I see when I wake up every morning.

Total yum

Waiting for the therapist to arrive for Max's infant stim.
He started his PT yesterday and I think he loved it. I know I did.
Joe from Dynamic Therapies is REALLY GREAT and funny too which means I am laughing the entire time.
Seems to really be helpful for Max and I am looking forward to implementing some of the things he suggested we do during the week. Joe will be over once a week which is wonderful.

We also started going to Music Together. A friend of mine offered the class to me so I could see if it would be something Max would like. I put him in the Ergo carrier and danced and samg to him and he giggled and smiled a lot. I'm glad he enjoyed it so much.

He slept for 10 hours last night and it was the very first night he was able to put himself to sleep without being in a carrier on one of us. We rubbed his back and he fell asleep. Amazing.
We actually had to wake him up this morning for his first feeding!
He usually gets up at 4am...not today!

Lots more to share - but just don't have the time these days.

Wanted to at least share a new photo with you.

Max is amazing. I didn't know what all those other mamas were talking about when they said " you won't know your capacity to love until you have a child." And now I know what they are all talking about....

He melts me.

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Anonymous said...

I love that he gets to have so much skin time around the house. I love that you put him to sleep on his tummy. I love that you let him tell you what he's ready for.
I love you guys.