Friday, January 29, 2010

getting ready for the birthday!

Well, it's getting really close to his birthday and I'm still working on his Birthday Banner.
I've been going to a place called Common Thread Studio in South Pasadena. It's on Mission Street which is hands down my favorite street in town. I could go on and on about all the cute places along this street - but that's not why I'm here typing!

Anyhow - Max and I have been going there this week so I can spread out the project on one of their tables and work work work. The owner is great and she has her dog Luka there to entertain us.

Today I finished cutting out all the letters. I felt so accomplished. This is my first sewing project - so each step is monumental.

Now I need to either hand sew each letter - or learn how to use the sewing machine.
Not sure which will take longer and I only have a few days left.

The blog was going to be made into a book for Max - however that turned into a bit of a nightmare. it would have been 381 pages or something like that. Which meant major editing. And the photos were too small to publish so I had to go and find the original photos - all 180 of them. hair was turning white more rapidly just thinking about this.

So - I've decided to go through it and find tid bits from each month that feel important and making a short version of the blog for him.

I won't get that done by his birthday and I have a feeling he won't notice!

oh - And I'm sure you are noticing that I'm starting to post about my photography here.
Why you ask? Well - I decided to merge my art blog and my baby blog - so you will find posts pertaining to every facet of my life from now on. I cannot keep each part of my life in neat little compartments. My life doesn't look that way - so why force things into different blogs?

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Anonymous said...

I totally love that birthday banner. I'd probably use iron on tape to get it on, but then I am the girl for the short cut.

I know what you mean about the blog. I have a blog on my photography website and a wordpress blog. I write much more on my wordpress blog, because it's all of me there... Hm, maybe I should merge too. You got me thinking now.