Monday, January 4, 2010

Max is 11 months old today.....!

happy 11 months in the world!
How did you get this old so fast?????????
Probably by smiling and laughing every day
enjoying your life
loving being held and hugged and kissed
and now
you're cruising on the couch...which for those without kids means that he pulls up to stand on at the couch and then holds on to it as he walks along it to get to the other side. AMAZING!
You're saying BA BA BA which is more like BOW BOW BOWWWWW.
and today you were saying DA DA DAAAA
LA GA and all sorts of other words you like to make and hear.
You're into peaches, pears, apples, sweet potatoes pureed. all with a lot of rice cereal added in to make it thicker so you can get ready for the next step with your food.
Monday you have PT with Joe once a week
Tuesday Infant Stim with Talar
Wednesday anything goes
Thursday Mom's club playgroup at the park
Friday Club 21 playgroup
we've been going to the park almost every day so you can have time on the swings. You love it so much. You can't get enough!

Here are some more photos.....

here is Joe the Physical Therapist working with Max last week. Learning to sit with knees bent and feet planted on the floor and working with both hands at the same time to pull things up and put things down.

here is his cousin David Just, meeting Max for the first time at the Rose cafe in Venice. Max's second time in the high chair.
Max really enjoyed David. He kept reaching over to touch his arm and looked at him while he talked.

Christmas day down at Grandpa Jerry's house with the Harbaugh family ( Jerry's aunt and uncle and all the cousins ).
We do secret santa with them. It's fun to be with this large family. Max wore a onsie that said " Best Gift Ever" And that is no lie!

So many more photos and stories....more soon!

Happy Birthday Max! One more month and you will be a YEAR OLD! I can't believe it.
You are my sonshine.


Kelly said...

Happy 11 months Max! Wow to all that you can do:) Catherine, Max is just the cutest thing ever! I've been smiling the whole time I read your blog! Our children truly are the "best gift ever"! They sure do grow fast.......Landon will be 1 on 2/11/10. Enjoy......let's see what the new year brings!

Celeste said...

Almost a year!!! Lovely little fellow - Happy 11 Months!

Royyan's Parents said...

hello .. my baby boy Royyan also downsyndrome.. he is almost 5 month now.. DS baby boy is soo cute ;)