Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Standing! And a visit from Grandma

Grandma DeeDee came for a visit on Friday. We met at Huntington Gardens. It was her first time there. We had lunch at the cafe and then I showed her the Japanese Gardens. We took Max out of the stroller and gave him some time on the grass. For those of you following the blog you know that Max has had some aversions to the grass. Which is why I started to go to Huntington Gardens every day to get him used to it. I was on a mission. As you can see here he is totally fine with it! YAY!!

my attempt at a family portrait while holding the camera....
And there he goes!! Standing - Standing and more standing! We used to count how many seconds he would stand - and it was roughly 6-8 seconds. We stopped counting! He just goes and goes and goes. He gets a thrill out of it and howls with joy! sounds like
eeeeeeeeeeeyahhhhhhhh!!!! and then - I do it back - and then - you guessed it - he yells back.
Once he plops down from standing he looks at me with a grin and I know in a matter of seconds he is going to stand right back up again and yell!

yep I'm yelling here. And that is what we call his superman pose. He throws his arms back while he is standing.
big hugs and laughter - I know what you are thinking....LOOK AT THOSE RED SHOES!!
I know - aren't they AWESOME!? They came from Grandma Marty for his birthday.
yep - you guessed it - more yelling with glee!
moments later - he is zonked out. p.s. that blanket is a god send from our Aunt Lois. HE LOVES THAT BLANKET! if he is having a hard time going to sleep we rub the blanket on his cheek and he calms down immediately. That blanket has super powers.

I think Grandma will meet us there again so Max can show her the Children's Garden, The succulent garden, the ponds, waterfalls, etc etc etc....and more standing....

Any guesses on when the little guy will walk??

He's taking one step unassisted right now......and then flings his body forward on me as he tries for another step or he sits back down and tries again....any time now!


Cammie Heflin said...

So precious! I love seeing him stand!

The Sanchez Family said...

That is so amazing!!! He'll be walking before you know it!!!

To Love Endlessly said...

blankets with super power, a baby that's ready to fly like superman, and has the most fabulous red shoes EVER! Way to go with all the standing too! I be the yelling is a HUGE incentive for him.

Kelly said...

Catherine, that is sooooo amazing! Way to go Max! I just love watching Max meet each of his milestones! He is doing so well:) I cannot wait for Landon to get on his feet(not a huge fan yet)! Oh the possibilities are endless! I am sure he will be walking in no time!! And, that smile....*sigh*:)

Stacy said...

I love that family portrait shot... it's absolutely fantastic!

carol said...

He is so adorable!